No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0483

This thought further affirmed his presumption. This punk was planning to buy the villa for the old man’s 70th birthday present.

Every one of the Taylor family knew how marvelous the villa was. They woke up to the view of it and passed by the sight of it. The villa was located just opposite the Taylor residence; they could see it every day. Hence, Ivan came to see if he was able to obtain this villa with 20 to 30 million dollars. He wanted to present it to the old man for his birthday gift, or perhaps move into it himself and have the old man live with him.

After all, old man Taylor had been fixated on the villa whenever he went out as of late, murmuring to himself emotionally, “This villa opposite our residence is extremely well-built. If only I could live in it, I’d die without regrets.”

As for the resources needed to buy this villa, Ivan did not feel a pinch of pain since the money would be coming from the Taylors’ company. Besides, if he managed to get this villa and give it to the old man, it would earn him enough face and favor.

He paused for a moment as though some thought had suddenly entered his mind, and he immediately walked out of the auction room.

Outside, Ivan found a quiet and secluded place and took out his phone to ring Neil Hugo and Ken Clark. Not long after, the two of them—Neil and Ken—arrived at the auction house in a car. They quickly got out of the car and went to meet Ivan who was waiting at the entrance of the auction room.

“Young Master Taylor, why did you ask us to come over? Anything important?”

Ken blurted once he met Ivan. When they were on the phone a moment ago, Ivan did not provide any reason and simply requested them to come over. It was probably something serious and crucial.

“Do both of you know what is on auction today?”

Ivan did not respond to Ken’s question, but rather reciprocated with another question.

“How would I know? I haven’t paid any attention to the auctions for the last two days. It’s probably nothing special. If there really was a golden opportunity, the auction would’ve called to inform!” Neil replied after thinking about it for a while.

“You’re right. There was no notice on today’s auction, just an advertisement on the website that mentioned it!”

Ivan flashed them an indifferent smile before he continued, “This time, the item that’s on auction is the sumptuous villa that is right opposite our Taylor residence. The owner of the villa is moving abroad, so he’s selling it off.” He paused. “I want to bid on this villa and give it to grandpa Taylor as his 70th birthday present. He’ll be over the moon.”

“Damn! This is great! That’s a marvelous idea!”

Neil laughed heartily but his forehead creased to a furrow in the next second. “It’s a good idea, but why did you call us both over for this? Is it because you don’t have enough to bid for it? Or is it because the company capital is running low and you don’t dare to embezzle it?”

An awkward smile immediately appeared on Ivan’s face. “That’s far from the case. I just ran into Jack in the auction room. I think this trash must be here for the villa, too! I don’t know where his money comes from, but I think he wants to buy this house and give it to old man Taylor as well! Never thought this punk would be as smart as me!”

“What? No way! He’s here, too?” Ken frowned, concerned. “Don’t tell me he got an advance on his salary from Miss Tanya!”

Neil nodded in agreement. “If he dared to come here, he must’ve asked for an advance, and it’s probably not one month’s salary but two!”

“This second young miss of the Drakes, why’s she so good to Jack? This punk hasn’t even worked for a whole month yet and he’s already asked for an advance of two months. That’s 40 million!”

Ivan felt a flash of irritation. “Hmph! Even if he has 40 million, he still has to spare 10 million dollars to compensate me! So this leaves the damn kid with only 30 million to bid for the villa. There’s no way he can outbid me!”

“since Jack’s here to bid for the villa, I want to stay and watch the comedy show! I want to see how his facial expression distorts into an ugly one when he loses to Young Master Taylor!” Ken burst out in laughter. How could he miss such a rare opportunity to witness an embarrassing moment for Jack White?

“That’s right! Let’s go in, then. The other bidders are wealthy businessmen who already own several houses. They won’t be competing for the villa, hence you won’t have many competitors! The final win is yours, Young Master Taylor!” Ken bobbed his head and agreed. The three of them quickly entered the auction room, their faces full of smiles.

“Oh, isn’t that Jack White? The infamous, useless, trashy son-in-law of the Taylor family! What a coincidence! Why are you here?” Ivan faked his surprise as he sat beside Jack, followed by the other two young masters.

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