No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0484

“What? That’s the husband of Selena Taylor, the Beauty Queen of Eastfield?”

“Yeah, this shrimp is extremely fortunate to have Selena as his wife! Everyone envies him!”

“What’s there to be jealous about? That shrimp is just the son-in-law of the Taylors by name, he could be treated like useless trash at home. Knowing that the Taylor family cast them out of the residence, I bet he’s not recognized as their real son-in-law!”

“That’s right! His mother-in-law definitely hates his guts. After all, their family suffered so much because of him!”

Many of the businessmen present started to tittle-tattle about them in hushed voices, some with contempt in their eyes.

Jack did not bother wasting his energy on all the gossip. He turned his head to the side and said, “Yeah, Ivan. What a coincidence! I didn’t quite expect to meet you here!”

“if my guess is correct, you’ve asked Miss Tanya for an advance of two months, and you’re here to bid for this luxurious villa as a gift for grandpa Taylor’s 70th birthday, am I right?”

Ivan chortled and continued, “You’ve got a great idea, I’ll give you that! This gift is not an ordinary one. It’s exorbitant and is worth at least 10 million! When the day arrives and you give this to grandpa Taylor, you’d gain some face and the Taylor family will finally accept you, am I right?

“But too bad for you! It just so happens that I’ve got my eye on this villa, too. So I’m sorry to break this to you but your efforts today shall be in vain.” Ivan laughed mockingly and added, “Gifting Grandpa Taylor this villa is an awesome idea of mine. It’s the most worthy and suitable present that’s able to express my filial piety to him as his grandson! And the money that you brought with you today is probably less than what I have! So, you literally have no game in today’s auction!”

“I really admire your confidence!” Jack effused a cold smile and decided not to pay attention to these three shrimps.

Time passed by rather slowly. Other than Jack, the three young masters, and several businessmen, there were only two to three other people from what seemed like third-class aristocrat families in the room. They were obviously interested in this villa as well, hoping they could get it at a cheaper price.

After a few minutes, a middle-aged woman came in sight, approaching the auction counter. She was wearing an aqua green cheongsam, flashing a big smile to the crowd as she walked in.

“Welcome everyone to the auction house! It’s time to kick off our auction for today!

“Today’s auction is a little bit different as it was commissioned by Mr. Ryan…”

The middle-aged woman gave an introduction before continuing, “Alright! Let’s not waste time and begin our event! The starting price for today’s item is 10 million dollars and is considered lower than the market price! Your bid cannot be lower than 1 million!

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, you may start the bidding!”

The middle-aged woman gestured with her hand and the auction began.

“11 million from me!” an old man shouted. He tentatively added a million after thinking about it for a while.

“12 million here!”

Soon, another man who looked like he was in his forties yelled, adding another million.

One million did not seem much for the people in this room.

Jack did not budge in the slightest. He knew very well that this villa was worth more than that. It was a spacious three-story villa with an exceptionally strategic location. Such a villa would cost more than 20 million. Hence, he knew it was impossible to get it at 11 or 12 million dollars.

Besides, there were quite some people here today for this auction.

Ivan, who was sitting beside Jack, did not start bidding immediately as well. Rather, he turned his head towards Jack and sneered.

He wanted to wait for Jack to start bidding. Once Jack started to place his bid, he would raise his bid just to beat him. He wanted to let him know that nobody could take whatever he had his eye on, especially not by a useless son-in-law.

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