No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0486

Ken and Ivan exchanged glances, their faces contorted. They forgot about the auction house’s entry requirements. They were all young masters of aristocratic families. The staff naturally never doubted their ability to spend. Hence, they entered the auction house without any verification at all.

There was indeed a requirement notice at the entrance stating that only individuals with at least 50 million in their bank account could enter the auction house. The three of them did not pay any attention to the notice.

After Jack’s reminder, they realized that this punk could very well fork out 35 million dollars.

“It looks like Miss Tanya has given him an advance of three months. It must be, it has to be! He’d have sixty million in hand!” Neil’s face turned cold and solemn. If this were the case, it would not be easy for Ivan to compete with Jack and take down this villa.

Ivan’s expression was even colder and uglier than Neil’s. If that was true, did it not mean that Jack could only raise the price to 50 million at most? Given that Jack would set aside the ten million he was owed. No wonder this shrimp behaved in such a brazen and arrogant way, adding five million in one go.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you’re already scared over such a small amount of money?” Jack smiled contemptuously, noticing Ivan’s face grow dark. This man was indeed ignorant.

“Me? Scared? Are you kidding me? Why would I be afraid of you?”

Ivan chortled awkwardly to hide his anxiety. “Let’s bet! If I win this bid, you’ll kneel before me, clean, and polish my shoes, and if I lose, I will do the same for you! How does that sound?”

“Since you’re so eager to clean my shoes, it’d only be polite for me to accept the challenge. How can I refuse such an excellent opportunity?” Jack agreed to the bet.

“Alright! Forty million here!” Ivan called out.

Ivan did not show any sign of hesitation. He wanted to see if Jack would continue raising the price.

“Forty-five million!”

Jack lifted his right arm without the slightest reluctance as if he was merely throwing a number to the crowd.

“Fifty million!”

Ivan gritted his teeth and countered without thinking twice. He was so going to win this villa today. The worth and value of the villa no longer mattered. He wanted to humiliate Jack in front of the throng so badly—waiting for the moment he would clean and polish his shoes in front of others.

“That’s right. Fifty million is the right number to call! That’s his limit! He can only spend so much money!” A big grin was plastered on Neil’s face, thinking that Ivan Taylor had successfully avenged him this time!

He reminded himself to take a photo of the scene for memory’s sake once Jack lost the bet and was forced to clean Ivan’s shoes later on. When he got bored and had nothing to do, he would take it out and laugh at it. The feeling must be awesome!

Ken also looked at Jack with a lopsided grin on his face. In his opinion, as long as Jack was not an idiot, he would not raise the price further.

Anyways, Jack had requested a three month advance from Miss Tanya. He could not possibly spend all his money on this villa and ask Miss Tanya for a fourth advance. If that was the case, he would truly be a shameless b*stard.

“sixty million, then!” Jack let out a laugh and called out a higher number.

At this point, the smiles on the trio’s faces completely froze. They were puzzled and wondered if they had heard wrongly. This useless shrimp had used up his three-month salary and battled himself to death solely for the sake of winning this bet!

“Oh boy. You really have some guts, huh? This villa is not even worth sixty million, didn’t you know?”

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