No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0488

In order not to be looked down upon and be seen as inferior, Ivan did not care about the issue of money anymore. What was on his mind was his image and reputation. He could not afford to lose his face. After all, as the young master of the Taylor family, the perception of him as being far more superior and better than the trashy son-in-law was natural. His status, his wealth, and his reputation were definitely far more superb compared to Jack’s.

It was impossible for him to kneel before Jack and clean his shoes. Furthermore, he now had the financial support from Young Master Clark—he only needed to cough up 60 million dollars and that was all!

“Young Master Clark, you’re truly amazing. You raised the bid!”

“Of course! How could a young master of the Clark family lose to a useless adopted son-in-law?”

“I heard that Jack works for the Drakes as a bodyguard and that his monthly pay is quite high. I’m not sure if it was the Drakes who lent him that amount of money, or perhaps they paid him his salary in advance!”

“His pay is high? Hmph! How high could it be? After all, he’s just a tiny little bodyguard.”

“He earns twenty million a month, isn’t that high?”

The crowd was talking about Jack energetically.

Jack frowned. The thing he cared the least about was money. He was interested in what was going on in that ignorant brain of Ivan’s. If Ivan were not an idiot, then why would he still raise the bid at this point?

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop? Are you afraid now? Or have you finally realized just how powerless and insignificant you are? Just kneel and clean my shoes already!”

Ivan thought he had finally won the bet when Jack stopped calling out his price as quickly as the previous rounds. He assumed that Jack had only requested an advance of four months and that 70 million was his limit. If Jack continued to raise the bid again, it would leave him no money to compensate Ivan. Hence, Jack only dared to go up to 70 million. The win belonged to Ivan now.

“eighty million, then!” Jack sighed long and hard before he called out a price again. He then added, “Ivan Taylor, your turn!”

“Eighty million?”

Ivan’s face blanked. It seemed like Jack desperately wanted him to lose; he was so ready to risk everything. Even if Ivan wanted to continue the game, he was afraid that Young Master Clark would say otherwise.

Ivan turned his head, looking into Ken’s eyes as though he was asking how much more Ken could bear.

All the color drained from Ken’s face as well, his face looking dull. He only expected to fork out a few million, but the worthless shrimp had actually raised it to 80 million! That was an extra of 20 million, and even if Ivan won, the house would belong to Ivan and not him!

When Ken saw the puppy dog eyes and pleading look all over Ivan’s face, he gave in with gritted teeth. “Young Master Taylor, I can help out with another ten million at most. Thirty million is my ceiling. If you exceed this amount, you have to bear the remaining. After all, the villa is not worth eighty million and the house will not be mine either!”

Ivan bobbed his head appreciatively. In other words, he could still call the bid up to 90 million.

Ivan gave Jack a dry smile. “Jack, are you sure you have that much money? Did you raise the price on purpose just to make me pay more than its actual value? If that’s the case, you’re violating the auction rules. You need to pay the amount for your actual bid!”

“don’t you worry about me!” Jack chortled calmly. “Since I’m planning on beating you in this battle, I’d naturally have to spend that much money. Most importantly, I’m still waiting for you to clean my shoes!”

“Eighty-one million!”

Ivan increased another one million to test the waters.

“Eighty-five million!”

Jack smiled subtly and mocked, “Young Master Taylor, don’t be such a wimp! Are you running out of money? Is that why you’re raising it slowly, only one million at a time? Why don’t you use all of the Taylors’ money and go all in! Should you do that, I’ll admit defeat.”

Anger rose in Ivan like a fierce tide. He was not a fool. Every penny, asset, and property that the Taylor family owned now would eventually become his! Unless he was a lunatic or an idiot, he would not use up all the money from his family for such a villa!

“Ninety million!”

Ivan finally called out the price. He had thought it out and this would be his final price. He only needed to pay 60 million, the other 30 would be borne by Young Master Clark.

“Ninety-five million!” Jack shrugged and shouted nonchalantly as though he owned the national bank.

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