No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0489

Ivan’s tiny little brain could not fathom it. Where did Jack get so much money? 95 million? Was he even sane?

Ivan clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth. He paused before saying, “Fine. I’m down on my luck today. I’ll let you have it this time. However, I really want to know if you increased the price deliberately just to trick me. Do you even have that much money? Hmph! If you can’t take out ninety-five million right now, everyone here including the upper management of the auction house will not let you slide!”

“Ninety-five million! Such an unbelievable price!”

“That’s right! How could an adopted son-in-law cough up ninety-five million? It’s just a villa! That’s almost a hundred million!”

“The owner of the villa who commissioned this auction would probably be shocked to death with the outcome!”

The wealthy businessmen were completely stupefied as well. Their gazes toward Jack were no longer full of contempt and mockery but replaced with approbation and respect. They all knew that no one would squander their money like this unless the individual was not an ordinary person.

“given up, have you? That’s great!”

Jack let out a hearty laugh and turned to the auctioneer on the stage. “Hammer it and seal the bid!”

“Ninety-five million, going once!

“Ninety-five million, going twice!

“Ninety-five million, going for the third and final time!


The auctioneer shouted without any emotion, striking her gavel against the block. Little did the crowd know, the auctioneer was still in shock.

“Alrighty, Ivan Taylor, our beloved Young Master Taylor, it’s time for you to shine like a shoe-shiner! But there isn’t a cloth nor a rag here, how’re you going to wipe my shoes clean? Hmm. Don’t tell me you’re going to lick them clean?!”

Jack laughed wholeheartedly. This ignorant punk had been bullying his wife and daughter for a long time. He would not let him off so easily no matter what.

“You pay the ninety five million first and then we’ll talk. How would I know if you have that kind of money if you don’t pay up?” Ivan smiled mockingly, but he was praying hard that Jack did not possess that amount of money.

Jack strode to the front of the room swiftly and paid 95 million with his bank card.

“You no longer have reason to be concerned, right? Our dear, Young Master Taylor?” Jack articulated with an evil grin on his face.

“Young Master Taylor, we’re sorry. We can’t help you this time. We have no idea how this punk has so much money!” Neil forced a dry smile. “It looks like he asked for an advance of many months from the Drake family!”

Unexpectedly, Ivan took off his shirt and said, “Isn’t it just a shoe polishing? Who says I can’t do it!”

He squatted down right after he ended his sentence. His face was burning hot and veins popped out on the side of his neck. He was feeling embarrassed. With so many people at the scene, he could not eat his words!

Ivan could only clench his jaw, grit his teeth and wipe Jack’s shoes clean!

“Wipe them clean. Otherwise, your job is not done!”

Jack beamed. He raised his foot higher and ordered, “Don’t forget the soles! Every part of the shoes should be wiped clean and polished!”

“Jack White, don’t go too far! I’m the Young Master of the Taylor family and not to mention, your cousin, too! You’ll regret doing this to me!”

Ivan lifted his head and shot Jack a hateful glance.

He was already so angry that his anger almost consumed him. How dare this shrimp ask him to clean even the soles of his shoes!

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