No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0490

“Are you threatening me? This is interesting!”

Jack let out a faint smile and looked at Ivan who was crouching on the floor. “Back when you were bullying my wife and daughter, didn’t you think you’d regret it?

“Go on, get to polishing, seeing that you’ve lost the bet, and deserve it. Polish it nice and clean!” Jack responded casually.

“So be it, I’ll polish!”

The shirtless Ivan’s face was filled with dissatisfaction, his teeth clenched tightly. His hatred toward Jack grew even more in his heart.

From the looks of it, the Drake family had given Jack a bountiful amount of money, making it impossible to chase him out during Grandpa Taylor’s birthday. Therefore, the only way was to wait until the end of Grandpa Taylor’s Birthday. Once Jack lowered his guard, only then would he command Xena to feed him the poison. As long as Jack consumed the poison, he would surely lie down in a coffin after a month.

When Ivan imagined Jack’s soon-to-be fate of death, he felt so much better. With his teeth clenched tightly, he finally cleaned up the soles of Jack’s shoes.

“Done!” Ivan shot up from the ground, his eyes filled with fury.

“not bad. This is my first time experiencing Young Master Taylor’s handiwork. Jack laughed, “Not too bad, Young Master Taylor. At least you’re not a sore loser! Alright then! I’m off for the transfer procedures. Take care and have a safe journey!”

“Move!” Ivan’s mouth twitched as he walked out topless. He headed to a nearby clothing shop to purchase a new shirt immediately.

“Over ninety million, ninety million! Useless son-in-law, how does he possibly have such a massive sum of money. F*ck, this is so frustrating!”

Losing to a trashy shrimp he scorned, the fury continued to burn stronger as Ivan pondered. Although the incident was nothing but a huge embarrassment, there was a fear in him that the news would very soon spread to others.

“It’s got to be someone from the Drake family who allowed him to get his salary in advance. He can’t fork out such a large amount of money on his own!”

Neil was still in disbelief that the useless son-in-law had the audacity to forcefully buy over the villa.

Although it was slightly overpriced, the sole act of having Ivan polish his shoes would put them to shame, bringing disgrace to them all. Especially for Ivan who was the one doing the polishing. Such an act of revenge would definitely be remembered.

“Let this brat brag for a few days. From the looks of it, Old Master Taylor would be very satisfied with the gift he has prepared!”

After considering for a moment, Ken spewed, “After Old Master Taylor’s birthday celebration, we must find a way to make sure Xena is able to poison Jack. We shall not drag this further anymore!”

“Yes, it’s said that love grows with time, and if this drags on, it’s possible that Selena’s feelings for this punk would grow deeper and deeper. By then, it won’t be easy to win over Selena’s heart!!” Neil’s forehead puckered. The thought of not being able to win Selena over was carved deeply in his heart. He could not give up, he did not want to give up.

“By the way, which one of you is a little closer to Miss Tanya? Or, knows anyone from the Drake family?” Ivan popped the question after a moment of silence.

“I have a friend who is a relative of the Drake family’s butler. Why do you ask? Young Master Taylor, did you think of another way to deal with Jack?” After a moment of consideration, Neil opened his mouth.

“See if your friend is able to find out how much of his salary this punk, Jack White, requested from the Drake family in advance. It’s not like the Drake family would give him an advance of year’s salary, right?”


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