No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0492

It did not take long for both Jack and Lana to head out for some furniture shopping, each in their own cars.

However, he did not expect to run into Ivan, who was on his way home, while they were driving away from the mansion.

“It’s Jack and that wealthy lady!” Ivan gasped. This was not his first time running into the both of them.

Although Lana wore a mask whenever she went out to prevent people from recognizing her, Ivan could still recognize her from the back; those long legs and incredibly attractive figure. The woman that left with Jack earlier had to be that same wealthy woman that went to the auction.

“I think I understand now. That money must not have belonged to Jack. He never gets an advance from the monthly wages given to him by the Drake family. It has to be that wealthy lady’s money!” Ivan cackled out loud, feeling incredibly excited. It was fortunate for him that the mansion was close to the Taylor family home, or else, he would never have discovered such a secret.

He immediately called Neil and Ken, both of whom had just left, and told them to return immediately.

“What’s the matter, Young Master Ivan? Why’d you want us to come back when we had just left?”

Both Ken and Neil frowned when they met Ivan. They looked confused.

“I just saw Jack coming out from that mansion!” Ivan said while laughing maniacally.

Ken’s expressions dulled as he said, “Young Master Ivan, are you kidding? You wanted us to come back because of this? My time is precious to me! Jack spent so much money to buy that mansion, obviously he’d be excited to take a look himself. this is like when you’ve just married a beautiful woman, wouldn’t you be excited to sleep with her?”

“Yeah, well said! Especially for poor people like him. He’s been poor his whole life. Now that he’s rich, it’d be odd if he wasn’t excited to look at the mansion he’d just bought!”

“Though this mansion might be a gift for the old master, it was still bought with his own money so he might actually move in for a couple of days anyway!” Neil explained. He felt that Ivan was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Ivan was speechless as he rolled his eyes at the both of them. He said, “If that was just the case, why would I have called you to come back in the first place? Yes, I saw him getting out of that mansion but a woman left with him!”

“A woman? That isn’t Selena?” Neil was shocked. Before making a wild assumption, he said, “Could that woman be Miss Tanya? Could Miss Tanya have called Jack over because she wanted to bid for the mansion? Yes, if Miss Tanya had decided to buy that mansion, it’ll explain everything that had just happened!”

Ken clenched his fist and said, “Jack, that b*stard! He actually used Miss Tanya’s purchase of this mansion to go against you, Young Master Ivan! He made us butter up to him, and now it seems that money never belonged to him. He was just helping the Drake family buy the mansion. How could we ever compete against the Drake family? Do we even stand a chance against them?”

Ivan wore an odd expression. He spoke with a bitter look, “Both of your imaginations are quite impressive. However, that woman wasn’t Miss Tanya nor was it Selena. It was that wealthy lady we met from the auction house that day!”

“Her?” Both Neil and Ken gasped.

It did not take long for Ken to slap his thighs and curse, “F*cking b*stard that Jack is. I told everyone that woman had to be a wealthy lady. Jack is no doubt her sugar baby. That brat just wouldn’t admit it. Even Selena refused to believe me. This hasn’t been our first encounter with this situation, and now it seems that all of that had to be real!”

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