No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0493

“Yeah, they had already driven off when I saw them so I didn’t manage to take a picture in time. It’d be awesome if I did, though!” Ivan nodded as he lamented.

He continued after some thought, “The money must be hers. She must’ve bought it for him!”

“Yeah. Young Master Ivan, since you live opposite that mansion, you should pay closer attention to it these few days. If you notice Jack returning to the mansion with her again, you have to find a way to take more pictures of them. The more the merrier, yeah? You know what to do!”

“It’d be amazing if you can get a picture of them kissing! when that happens, we’ll make copies and hang them up on every corner of every street and alley. What do you guys think would happen?” Ken cackled since this was such a great opportunity.

He did not expect that after trying to rack their brains to come up with methods to handle Jack, Jack himself would present them with such an opportunity.

“This time, we definitely need to dig up some dirt on Jack!” Ivan clenched his fist and said, “Look, the courtyard in our Taylor family home is closest to that mansion. It’d be difficult for Jack to notice me if I hid behind that tree to sneak a picture of him!”

“That’s good to know. If you’re free, Young Master Ivan, keep a close eye on him. Try your best to get intimate pictures of them, okay! We’ll leave everything to you, Young Master Ivan!”

“I’ll see when I can talk to Selena about this. I believe this whole ordeal of Jack buying that mansion with that woman could not be kept from her forever,” Ken explained after some thought.

“Well said!” Ivan nodded. After thinking, he added, “If Jack bought this house for that woman, then I’m guessing this would be their private love nest. If the housing deed is under Jack’s name then it’s highly likely that this mansion was given to him by that woman. Let’s see if he can explain himself then!”

Ken nodded as he replied, “What if this love nest of theirs is under that wealthy lady’s name?”

“Jack wouldn’t be able to explain their relationship as well, right? Jack went to the auction for that mansion and then it was placed under that lady’s name. Do you think Selena would be happy if she learned about this? This just shows how complicated Jack’s relationship is with that lady. This mansion could be the place where they secretly meet for their affairs!”

“I think that lady only wears a mask to prevent her husband from finding out about them. It seems her husband isn’t as simple as we thought. He might not even be a local from our Eastfield!” Ivan spoke while cackling out loud.

“This could mean that Jack has yet to prepare the Old Master’s gift. He could still get exiled on the Old Master’s birthday!” Neil explained.

At the end of their discussion, Ivan was tasked to keep a close eye on Jack over the coming days. He would try his best to catch Jack and that woman in any intimate acts.

Ken was tasked with letting Selena know about today’s findings to put some strain on her relationship with Jack. He also planned to have his friend investigate if Jack had received any advanced wages from the Drake family.

Neil, on the other hand, would get his men to follow Jack around to find out if he had bought anything that cost above 10 million dollars.

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