No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0495

“He’s only been back for less than a month, right? Do you think you truly understand that man? He’s nothing more than a sugar baby right now. You wouldn’t have a single clue. A true sugar baby would cheat on you behind your back. We saw him today. He was with that wealthy lady, the same lady that spent five hundred million dollars to win the bid for that luminous pearl from back then!” The more Ken spoke, the more emotional he became. Even his neck turned red.

Selena frowned harder when she noticed just how incredibly angry Ken was. She was indeed quite skeptical of Jack back then since Ken was not the only one who had told her that. Even Michael had said the same thing. In the end, however, she still chose to trust Jack, thinking that Jack was not someone who would do such a thing. However, Ken mentioned that he saw Jack with that wealthy lady again today. Having been accused of the same thing twice, could it be real?

Not to mention, Jack’s previous excuse was too outrageous. He told her that the Goddess of War, Lana, was his disciple. Was this not outrageous to hear? He even claimed that all of the nine Gods of War were also his disciples.

“You, what evidence do you have? If you don’t have any evidence, you’re just spouting nonsense about someone else!” Selena stuttered while saying after remaining silent for a moment.

Ken knew Selena was starting to believe him when he noticed her reaction.

He was delighted as he said, “Of course, I have evidence! Your cousin Ivan, Neil, and I were all together, and all three of us saw them both together!”

He never expected Selena to reply in such a cold tone, “You, Ivan, and Neil? I wouldn’t believe a word from those two since you’re all just a bunch of horrible people who hate Jack. Did you think I’d believe a word you said?”

Ken was speechless, unable to argue with her.

Chuckling bitterly, all he could say was, “Alright, it’s fine if you refuse to believe a word I say but there’s one thing that’s real, right?”

Ken paused before continuing, “The mansion opposite of the Taylor family home was auctioned today. Young Master Ivan knew that Old Master Taylor loved that mansion since it’s right opposite the Taylor family home. He wanted to buy the mansion as a gift for the Old Master’s seventieth birthday.”

“What does that have anything to do with Jack? Ivan is rich now after sealing the deal on that project with South Hill Real Estate. I couldn’t care less if he went to the auction to buy the mansion for Old Master Taylor.”

Although Selena said that, beneath the surface, she was actually quite shocked. She did not expect that Ivan would stir up such a storm just to please Old Master Taylor so he could inherit the Taylor family’s assets. It seemed like he would do just about anything for that!

“naturally, that wouldn’t have been a big deal. However, we ran into Jack there! You should know that mansion costs thirty million dollars, and Jack spent ninety-five million to buy that mansion! Tell me, where did he get all that money from?”

Ken cackled out loud and said, “Coincidentally, we also noticed that wealthy lady leaving that mansion. So, tell me. Don’t you think they’re in a relationship with one another? Isn’t he a scummy man?”

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