No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0496

“He actually spent ninety-five million dollars to buy that mansion? No way… And you ran into him and that wealthy lady again? They left from that mansion?” Selena’s face turned slightly bitter. If what they had claimed was true, Jack’s relationship with that wealthy lady was indeed quite unique.

If all of it were true, that would mean that the man she had spent five years desperately waiting for his return actually lied to her, and that she would have been the most foolish woman in the entire world.

“Of course it’s real. If you don’t believe me, we can both head over to the auction house and ask if there was indeed a man named Jack who bought the mansion for ninety-five million dollars!”

Ken immediately said, “I can’t lie about that now, can I?”

Selena frowned, remaining silent. Her heart felt slightly awful. She felt incredibly wronged.

Over the last five years, she had suffered too much mockery and judgment for the sake of Jack and their daughter to be treated this way. Jack had repeatedly told her how much he loved her, and yet he went looking for a wealthy lady? Not to mention, they actually bought a love nest right opposite the Taylor family home? Would this not be the most insulting thing to do to her? they made their love nest in front of their house!

“Truly, Selena. If I’m lying to you this time, I’d be struck by lightning!” Ken raised his hand and immediately started swearing.

Selena recalled something else at this moment, the incident where Jack returned home extremely late at night. He had some alcohol to drink and when he returned home, the scent of a woman’s perfume was emanating from his body.

When she questioned him about it, he told her that it was Miss Yvonne’s perfume. Miss Yvonne was completely drunk and he had to carry her home on his back. Hence, the perfume. Now, however, Selena could not help but feel skeptical about the truth he claimed. Was he actually with that wealthy lady that night? Moreover, was the money that Jack used to buy the Porsche 911 from the wealthy lady?

Once a person started to overthink, they would often spiral out of control. The more one were to overthink, the more terrified one would become. It seemed like she started seeing issues with Jack now.

“So? Want me to take you there right now?” Ken spoke in a casual tone.

“There’s no need for that. You can return home now!” Selena glared at him coldly as she said, “I still have work to do. This is a workplace, so if you have any work-related business, then we can talk. If not, you can spare me from that!”

“Selena, you can’t pretend to be oblivious about it, right? You were taken for a fool by Jack, that scumbag. You, yourself had no idea. Do you still think he’s a good person? Selena, I’m doing this for your sake. Only my feelings for you are true!”

Ken seemed a little frantic. He could tell that Selena somewhat believed him. However, he was unsure as to why Selena refused to go with him to validate the information he told her.

“Leave now. If you don’t, I’ll call security!” Selena stood up immediately as she furiously exclaimed that.

“Alright, alright. I’ll leave. Just think about everything I told you. Think if there’s anything peculiar about Jack that stands out. Also, you can’t let him know that you’re suspicious of him yet. We will present you with all the evidence soon. I believe that there’s only one truth to this whole ordeal!”

Ken walked out, leaving Selena with that statement. He left after he was done speaking.

The moment Ken left, Selena sat back down on her chair, frowning deeper.

“It can’t be real. That can never be real. Even if my husband liked another woman out there, he would tell me about it. He’d ask for my opinion, right?” Selena started talking to herself, “And besides, he’s not someone who would be a sugar baby!”

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