No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0498

Miss Tanya did not give Jack an advanced pay, yet he spent ninety-five million dollars on that mansion. This meant that the money must have belonged to that wealthy lady. She guessed that the mansion was bought by the wealthy lady, and whenever the both of them were free in the future, that was where they would go for their dates.

She grew incredibly furious when she thought about how she allowed Jack to cuddle up with her the entire night last night. However, it did not take long for her to calm down. She pretended as if nothing had happened when she returned to her office, all the way till she was done with work for the day. She drove home as usual.

After Jack and Lana had lunch, they immediately went furniture shopping.

Lana left after they were done picking the right furniture. Jack, on the other hand, followed the delivery staff back to the mansion and switched out the furniture from the previous owner that he did not want.

After they were done, he realized that the overall feel of the place felt even more perfect than before. He believed that Selena would absolutely love the place once they moved in.

Since Ivan had nothing to do during the evening, he kept a close eye on everything that was happening at the mansion across the street.

Unfortunately for him, all he saw was Jack returning to the mansion along with a couch. The wealthy lady was nowhere to be seen. He felt a slight disappointment in his heart. However, after much deeper thought, he thought it made sense leaving Jack with all the hard labor since all the wealthy lady had to do was pay, right? He reckoned that all he had to do was keep watch at night and pay extra attention tomorrow so he could actually capture something.

Since the mansion was newly bought, the wealthy lady would definitely want to taste what it must feel like doing the deed with Jack in their brand new mansion, right?

As for the old table and couch, they looked expensive and he could tell that they had not been used too often. Perhaps Jack simply disliked them.

Jack immediately gave both the pieces away to the delivery staff and they happily left. Since Jack had nothing to do, he took a nap in the mansion. At 6pm, he drove home.

“You’re home, honey!”

Jack noticed Selena in the courtyard and he greeted her with a smile.

“Yeah!” Selena’s reply was casual but her expression was cold.

Upon noticing Selena’s poor mood, Jack approached her and asked, “What’s the matter? Honey, you seem to be in a bad mood. Was that Sonia lady giving you trouble at the office again? If she keeps targeting you, just fire her! I slapped her in the face back then, did she not repent?”

“No!” Selena chuckled before asking Jack, “Oh, that’s right, honey. What did you do this morning?”

“Nothing much. I was working in the Drake family home!”

In order not to ruin his surprise for Selena, Jack hid it with an awkward chuckle, not speaking the truth.

Selena felt the hurt in her heart after she heard him say that.

She chuckled and said, “Oh, Miss Tanya treats our family really well. You should work hard to repay her kindness now, okay?”

“Honey, why do you seem a little odd today? Are you sure that nothing’s up with you?”

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