No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0499

Jack could sense that Selena was in a bad mood. She seemed as if she was hiding something from him.

Selena chuckled and said, “No. What are you talking about!”

“Jack is back!” Fiona was taking care of something in the house.

When she noticed Jack’s return, Fiona came over smiling cheerfully, “Oh look, it’s my amazing son-in-law. You’re back!”

Both Selena and Jack looked at each other. instantly sensing that something was off. Fiona actually greeted her son-in-law, and on top of that, called him amazing. This made them feel as though something sketchy was happening.

“Oh no, I’m not worthy of your praises!” Jack chuckled awkwardly and asked, “Is there a problem, mom?”

“you sure are sharp!” Fiona chuckled before saying, “Sharon’s been looking for you for a few days in a row now but you haven’t been home.”

Jack gasped when he heard that. His expression dimmed slightly. It seemed like that woman would still show up here. It seemed like his mother-in-law might have gotten plenty of good deals out of this since she was smiling so cheerfully. Judging from how she looked, he was worried that his mother-in-law might try to matchmake Sharon with him since Fiona nearly forced them to be with each other for money!

As expected, Fiona continued, “Miss Sharon is the lady of the George family. Now that she’s successfully lost weight, she looks just as beautiful as my daughter. She came over just for you and gave us each a piece of jade. They all look expensive, they might be worth millions! Say, she still likes you a lot. She wants us to talk to you.”

After she was done speaking, she took out a box and handed it over to Selena. She said, “Here, Selena. This is a gift that Sharon prepared for you. Look at how thoughtful she is. I can tell she truly loves Jack!”

“Mom, you’ll accept anything people give you. Why didn’t you ask if Jack agrees to it or not? Or how I would feel about the whole ordeal? Am I just a statue to you?” Selena was already in a bad mood. All her suppressed emotions exploded after watching how Fiona was trying to persuade Jack into marrying Sharon.

She stood up furiously and tossed the box onto the ground while saying, “Have I never seen a piece of jade before? It’s only a million dollars, right? Do you think I’m a complete nobody for you to encourage someone who is going out of their way just to snatch my husband?”

Fiona immediately rushed to pick up the box and said, “Are you insane? This happens to be really expensive. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t just throw it away. You can always give it to me. What were you going to do if it broke?”

Fiona carefully examined the piece of jade. After making sure it was not broken, she let out a sigh of relief and kept it away. She then told Selena, “Dear daughter, it’s normal for a man to have mistresses, right? Plenty of rich men out there have a few mistresses at home.”

Selena immediately turned around with a cold expression, ignoring Fiona.

“Mom, how could you accept such an expensive gift. She even gave you more than one. Did you think it was appropriate for you to accept it?” Jack was also speechless. His own mother-in-law was trying to help him find a mistress. This was the first time in his life hearing something like this.

It seemed as though his family was the only one in the world that would do such a thing.

“Why would it be inappropriate? To any normal folk out there, such a gift is indeed an expensive gift, but to Sharon, this is nothing more than pocket change to her. Why can’t I accept it?” Fiona spoke with a bitter look, “You guys should seriously think about this whole ordeal. Jack, you haven’t even seen Sharon yet. She isn’t the same Sharon she used to be anymore. You might actually agree to her after meeting her. She truly was too fat. Even I wouldn’t agree to her offer back then. Don’t all men love beautiful women?”

“I’ve seen her before and yes, she is indeed beautiful. However, Selena is the only woman I love. I have no feelings toward Sharon, especially when she already agreed to stop bothering me and yet, decided to come again anyway. That disgusts me even more!” Jack replied with a cold look on his face.

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