No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0501

Selena rolled her eyes at her mother before returning to her house as well.

“So much money and that happens to be the George family, you know. They are wealthier than our Taylor family. He actually…” Fiona frowned while she watched the couple’s attitude. It seemed it would be slightly difficult if she wanted to pull the whole ordeal off.

However, her heart felt incredible when she thought about the George family’s assets. She truly could not understand how Jack could be that foolish since he would be able to marry another beautiful wife on top of getting so much money. How could he not agree to such a wonderful offer?

Although Joan already promised her that she would help talk to him, she understood her son very well so she never exactly did.

Instead, it was Ben and Xena who both shamelessly came to talk to Jack the next morning. This made Jack feel even more confused about them.

Selena instead behaved slightly more normal and calm the following couple of days. She returned home punctually every day.

Similarly, Jack did nothing much too since he would only sit around in the courtyard leisurely the following days. Ivan was immensely disappointed when he spent days on end spying on the mansion to spot Jack and the wealthy lady, dating.

Old Master Taylor’s birthday was soon approaching and Neil’s men did not notice Jack buying any luxurious gifts for the Old Master.

Just the night before Old Master Taylor’s birthday, Ivan and Neil were both drinking together.

“That’s odd, why didn’t Jack or the wealthy lady move in even after they bought that mansion? I kept a lookout as much as I could during the day and night as well. Godd*mmit, I am exhausted from the constant lookout but I never noticed Jack ever returning to the mansion ever again!” Ivan frowned and said, “Wasn’t this mansion bought to be their love nest so they could date in private?”

“That wealthy lady is incredibly rich and ninety million dollars isn’t a lot of money to her. Could Jack have asked her to buy that mansion for him so he could use it to gift to Old Master Taylor during his seventieth birthday?” After some thought, Neil said, “My men had been following Jack around for a couple of days now and they too had not noticed Jack buying anything expensive. He was basically just going to and from work every day.”

“It’s very likely though since Jack isn’t a fool. If the mansion happens to be his dating spot with that wealthy lady, he would know it’s easy for them to be caught by you guys since it’s literally just opposite Taylor’s family home. Besides, the possibility of them running into you guys would be extremely high when they enter or exit the mansion anyway! Hence, I presume that the mansion was a gift Jack begged the lady for so he could then use it as a gift for Old Master Taylor! It seems their dating spot would be at a different location!”
Ken began to make assumptions as he said, “As for Young Master Ivan running into them previously though, the woman was just checking the place out since it’s only natural for her to want to check out a new place she had just bought, right!”

“Yeah!” Ivan nodded and said, “If that’s the case, Jack will no doubt be able to butter up to Old Master Taylor tomorrow and he wouldn’t be exiled from the Taylor family then. It seems we will have to wait for at least two days before getting Xena to make a move on him again.”

“Honey, have you prepared a gift for Grandpa’s seventieth birthday tomorrow? You’ve been going to work every day and I didn’t notice you bringing any gifts back. You know, tomorrow happens to be Grandpa’s seventieth birthday right!” Selena could not help herself from asking as she laid in bed at night.

“I’ve prepared it way before this already. Grandpa will no doubt love it!” Jack chuckled calmly.

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