No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0502

Selena frowned after hearing Jack said that. Could the gift Jack mentioned be the mansion? Could that mean Jack actually won the auction for that mansion? However, the Drake family never gave Jack advanced pay though. Could that be a gift from the wealthy lady to Jack and that was Jack’s gift for her grandpa?

Selena would not look down on Jack even if he became a sugar baby just for the sake of staying in the Taylor family because she had already decided that even if Jack could not fulfill his promises and was not acknowledged by the Taylor family, she would still stay by his side. She believed if they do not have money, they could make money together instead of using such methods to make money just for the sake of being acknowledged by the Taylor family.

Not to mention, if news of Jack being a sugar baby broke out, Old Master Taylor might actually be incredibly furious about it. He would rather not accept a mansion if that was the case since he would feel incredibly ashamed of it.

“Oh, that’s right honey, I’m planning to give you a surprise tomorrow night!”

She did not expect Jack to say that after pondering about something for a brief moment.

“Really? It would be extremely surprising for me if you could bring the gift along with the ten million dollars for Ivan tomorrow!” Selena chuckled bitterly. She did not probe deeper about the gift he prepared for Old Master Taylor was since she would eventually find out tomorrow.

Fiona and everyone else got up early the next morning.

“Dress better and don’t embarrass us since it is Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday today. Old Master Taylor even personally gave us a call yesterday to have us arrive earlier!”

Fiona started rushing everyone early in the morning.

At this moment, Jack was dressed in a suit he had just bought yesterday. He looked even more stunning than before.

“Yes, this suit is not bad. Truly, a more expensive suit would feel different when a person puts it on!” Fiona nodded satisfyingly before asking Jack, “Oh, that’s right Jack, where’s the gift you’re planning to give the old master? You wouldn’t have not prepared anything didn’t you?”

Fiona dimmed when she noticed Jack’s empty hands as she said, “We didn’t prepare anything you know. Since you’re giving a ten million dollars worth of a gift and we’re a family so we are able to save on bringing one. You can’t embarrass us now, okay!”

Jack chuckled calmly as he replied, “Oh, mother-in-law, don’t you worry. The gift is already prepared since it’s not that big, I’m able to carry it in my pocket!”

“That small?” Fiona glanced at Jack as she wondered if he was bringing a disappointing gift and claiming it to be luxurious? Or else, how could such an item fit in his pocket?”

“It is indeed quite small!” Jack nodded.

“Jack, are you sure the value of your gift is worth ten million? We didn’t prepare anything and you’re going to be the representative of our family, okay?”

Andrew was also dressed in branded clothing. He even got his hair done yesterday intentionally.

“I am very certain!” Jack nodded once again.

“Let’s go then. The old master happened to prepare twenty tables at the event!” Ben cheerfully exclaimed.

Jack smiled as he took a glance at Xena before frowning instinctively. This woman was not a good person since she thought of Ben as only a rebound guy. However, Ben was still naively dating her. He actually forgave her even after the previous incident.


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