No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0503

However, what made Jack feel odd was, Xena seemed honest and was staying by Ben’s side all the time. This made him wonder if she actually had turned over a new leaf after the boss of the bike group died?

However, with much deeper thought, that possibility seemed quite likely. Xena might feel hopeful again after seeing Jack giving Fiona twenty million dollars on top of gaining George family’s favor when their Taylor family were given two Rolls Royces. Moreover, both Jack and Selena each had a Porsche 911. These assets alone were more than enough for Xena to turn over a new lead and change her mind to be with Ben.

It did not take them long to arrive at the Taylor family home with their cars.

“I didn’t expect them to be able to drive such a car when they’re still living in that dump!” Cecilia mocked immediately after she noticed Jack and the others arrive.

“Yeah, I heard Jack knew of some medical skills and had successfully treated Sharon’s obesity. Those Rolls Royces were gifted by the George family. it’s not even bought by their own money, so it’s nothing praiseworthy!” Another Taylor family member chuckled coldly.

“I am quite interested to see just what kind of a gift Jack will give Old Master Taylor today!” Cecilia cackled coldly while she mocked.

“What gift have you prepared?” The man next to her asked Cecelia.

Cecilia chuckled calmly and said, “Doesn’t the old master love drinking tea? I’ve gone out of my way to buy two bricks of Pu’er tea. It’s over two hundred years old and it’s worth over sixty thousand dollars! It’s not easy to get my hands on them, I had to call in a favor from my friend!”

“Not bad, it seems you know how to butter up to people’s interests. You’ve gone all out this time!” The man spoke in a surprised tone after hearing Cecilia’s reply.

Cecilia chuckled immediately and said, “Come on, it’s the old master’s seventieth birthday, right? It’s not a regular birthday so obviously, I had to prepare a better gift so the old master would be happy.”

“I am quite curious to see just what kind of a gift that son-in-law Jack would prepare. A gift that’s worth over ten million dollars is considered a literal treasure though. Regular items would not be that expensive!” The man took a glance at Jack before cackling out loud.

“Yeah, it’s still early and the registration staff is not here yet. I heard registration starts at eleven and the meal will begin at noon!” Cecilia said with a laugh.

“Jack, you b*stard!” He did not expect both Ivan and the Old Master of the Taylor family, Theodore would storm over here furiously.

“No way, right? Didn’t we just get out of the car? We didn’t even do anything so why is Ivan mad?” Ben was stunned when he noticed the situation. How could they angered anyone when they did not even do anything yet.

“Jack, who gave you the right to decide? You sure have some guts!” Theodore was also storming out furiously. His expression was pale from being so furious.

“What’s the matter, Theodore? We’ve just arrived and shouldn’t our cars be parked here? Have we parked at the wrong spot?” Andrew looked confused as well as he had no idea what was happening.

“The old master had said that only twenty tables would be set up. However, when we walked to the back, it was completely filled with extra tables. Heck, tables were even placed on the grass. I’ve asked the kitchen staff and they told me that Jack came over yesterday to have them set up two hundred and twenty tables!”

Theodore seemed like he was about to cough up blood from being agitated. Every single table was already expensive for the old master’s seventieth birthday since all of the alcohol and cigarettes were expensive.

They even hired a chef from a luxurious hotel for this event. However, only the Taylor family members were invited.

They did not expect that for the brief moment of Jack’s arrival yesterday, he actually told the chef to prepare two hundred and twenty tables and the main point was, the hotel actually made arrangements for that many tables.

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