No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0504

”Jack, this, is this real? Did you know how much a table costs? Our preparations this time are very lavish and expensive. The food menu is pretty classy and it costs sixty thousand per table. Twenty tables would be 1.2 million dollars! Why did you prepare an additional two hundred tables? Did you know how much these extra tables would cost? That will set you back by ten million dollars!”

Andrew’s face dimmed. If that was true then Jack would have been too bold since it would be very unnecessary to do that.

“No way right, Jack? You dropped by yesterday?”

Ben was also frowning as Jack seemed to be a magnet for trouble. They finally had some peaceful days and he did not expect him to pull a stunt like that during the Old Master’s seventieth birthday.

“What on Earth was going on back there? I’ve asked the chefs as to why are there so many tables laid out and they said one of us had ordered them to lay out 220 tables!”

Old Master Taylor stormed out furiously at this moment. He seemed incredibly furious.

“Grandpa, it was Jack who had made them do such an arrangement. I’ve asked them and they said someone whose last name was White, a member of our Taylor family told them to do so. Tell me, which one of us in the Taylor family has the last name, White?”

Ivan immediately came forward to speak out. He was delighted in his heart. It seemed that Jack was truly a fool since he had already infuriated the Old Master the moment they showed up. He had already intended to have him exiled from the Taylor family today. He did not expect he would present him with such an opportunity on his own. He only had himself to blame now.

“Impossible!” The instant Selena heard that statement, she immediately said, “You guys only know the person’s last name. I think you guys must’ve wrongly accused Jack now! I think someone was pulling something behind our backs by pretending to be one of the members of our Taylor family and claiming that person’s last name happened to be White. Just to pin the blame on Jack!”

“Yeah, good point! It could be caused by one of us here!” Fiona glared at Ivan when she made that statement.

Since Ivan absolutely loved pulling tricks and she believed that no matter how bold Jack was, he would not be bold enough to do anything like this. Ivan on the other hand would be very likely to do something like this.

“What are you staring at me for, Fiona? Do you actually think it’s me? What reason do I have to do something like this?” Ivan did not expect Fiona would stare at him. He was incredibly furious at that moment. Although he intended to trap Jack, he would never think of pulling a stunt like that. He would not mind giving such a stunt a try if he had thought of it initially though.

Xena wanted to speak up for Ivan since she was currently Ivan’s girlfriend. However, she was afraid of exposing herself. To keep her identity a secret and gain Jack’s trust, she also came forward to speak for Jack, “we never accused you of anything so why did you come forward yourself? It seems you are guilty of something!”

“You…” Ivan was incredibly furious as he did not expect Xena would actually side with Jack.

However, he was no fool. It did not take him long to understand what Xena was thinking so he spoke with a cold look, “You have no evidence anyway so you can’t blindly accuse anyone. I have asked them and they told me it was a guy with the last name of White. That person had ordered the hotel to prepare an additional two hundred tables!”

“My son will never do such a thing and I believe him! He wouldn’t order so many extra tables for nothing!” Joan also frantically spoke up for Jack.

“Yeah, my father would not do such a thing!” Kylie too sided with Jack as she stared at Ivan with resentment before adding, “You big meanie, only you would do it! You’re framing my father!”

“I…” Ivan was fuming since that little brat actually called him a big meanie. This infuriated him into oblivion.


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