No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0505

”It might actually be Ken, Neil, or Micheal since they’ve always hated Jack anyway. They did this to target Jack!” After remaining silent for a brief moment, Selena made that assumption.

Jack had a peculiar look on his face as he stood by the side. He did not expect everyone to jump to his defense before he could even speak up for himself. He was incredibly touched by this.

“regarding if it was Jack’s doing or not, we’ll just have the hotel staff come over since they met the person anyway!” Ivan chuckled maniacally as he stared at Jack. He believed it must have been Jack since that person’s last name was White. It would be a miracle if that was not Jack.

As for why Jack was this foolish to have done that was not that important anymore. Having so many extra tables would at least cost ten million dollars. He was interested to see what Jack would do.

“You can stop asking now, it’s me!” Jack let out a bitter chuckle before waving both hands around as he replied.

“Look, look at him now, you guys. He’s admitted it!” Theodore immediately pointed at Jack before yelling at him, “It seems he is also afraid of us calling the hotel staff over because he knew he will be exposed real soon so he was forced to admit!”

“Jack, it’s really you? Oh, how you’ve disappointed our trust in you. I didn’t expect it to be your doing!” Fiona almost started to stomp her feet around from being so infuriated. She had never expected that her troublemaker of a son-in-law would start stirring up trouble again after they finally have some peaceful days. He was truly a jinx!

“Jack, you really are… I have no words for you. Why would you order two hundred tables for no reason?” Selena nearly passed out from how furious she was.

“No way right? It’s really Daddy?” Kylie bashfully lowered her head as she felt as if she had made a mistake. This little rascal had just spoken up for her own father but she did not expect, it was really her father’s doing.

“Jack, why did you order so many extra tables for no reason?” Although Joan had faith in her own son, she was also startled by what Jack had said.

Old Master Taylor’s expression dimmed before exclaiming, “If you think it’s funny to do such a thing, you can leave today.”

Ivan was incredibly delighted after hearing that statement. He immediately said, “Jack, you owe us an extremely clear explanation today. Could you have ordered an extra two hundred tables which were going to cost an extra 12 million as a gift for Grandpa? This isn’t a gift, Jack, this is a surprise, right?”

The other Taylor family members had long since gathered around them. Everyone was speechless when they heard that. Indeed, an extra two hundred tables would cost ten million now, right?

If this happened to be a gift, it seemed that this guy was a fool and his head had been kicked by a donkey.

“Should I really explain this anyway?” Jack chuckled calmly as he said, “I ordered that many tables because I know twenty tables alone would never be enough. There will be a lot of guests coming today and I’m even worried if two hundred and twenty tables would even be enough!”

“what a joke. How many guests would be present anyway? Do you think we won’t have a rough estimate in our heads?” Theodore chuckled and said, “When we held the sixtieth birthday for the old master back then, the relatives and some friends we are close to only filled seventeen to eighteen tables. Our twenty tables would be more than enough now!”


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