No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0508

Old Master Taylor gulped as he was wondering if he was dreaming. Three majors came. Those happened to be majors and they commanded at least a few thousand to tens of thousands of men on the battlefield.

He did not expect them to show up to celebrate his seventieth birthday with him!

“What’s the matter? Young Master Ivan, didn’t you say that not many people would show up?” Jack said while chuckling calmly.

“no matter what, they still can’t fill all two hundred tables!” Ivan was also chuckling as he believed Jack was merely lucky. Moreover, those two majors might actually be very close to Marshal Dennis hence, their presence.

“The master of the Clark family has arrived with the members of the Clark family to celebrate Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday!”

“The master of the Hugo family has arrived with the members of the Hugo family to celebrate Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday!”

“The master of the Wilson family has arrived with the members of the Wilson family to celebrate Old Master Taylor’s seventieth birthday!”

It did not take long for three series of announcements to be made from the main entrance. All three second-class aristocratic families actually came as well.

All three masters had brought along all three of their young masters in addition to some high ranking members of their respective families here. More than ten people actually showed up in an instant.

Their bodyguards were all stationed outside.

“They actually came!” Zeus felt slightly surprised when the masters of those three families showed up as well. He initially thought that only the young masters of those three families would come. However, unexpectedly, the masters tagged along as well.

Both Theodore and Zeus immediately came forward to greet them.

A constant stream of guests came after that. However, those were people that Old Master Taylor and the others had expected.

Those people that Jack claimed that would show up seemed to be absent.

“weren’t you extremely confident earlier, Jack? Look at how many people had shown up now? Those two hundred tables worth of guests are all just air now?” Ivan chuckled before mocking Jack.

“Isn’t it still very early? It isn’t even time for the gift reception anyway. Where’s the fun in showing up early, right?” Jack chuckled calmly since the person tasked for the gift reception had not arrived yet.

After another moment had passed, the person tasked with gift reception had finally arrived.

“So many people had arrived already!”

After that person got seated, a few staff were tasked with receiving gifts from the guests and some were tasked in noting the gifts down.

“Grandpa, I won’t be noting my gift down. I’ll just hand it to you directly since we’re a family anyway!” Cecilia smiled and took out the gift she had prepared as she said, “The gift I prepared for you is two bricks of Pu’er tea that had been dried for two centuries. It’s not that expensive since it only costs 600 thousand dollars. The main thing is, such a gift is hard to find!”

Cecilia was quite detailed in her introduction. She was obviously trying to show off.

The other guests went over to get themselves registered aside. They were mostly giving out money as their gifts. Of course, these people would not be frugal with the amount they were giving. They would fork out at least eight to ten thousand dollars.

“Grandpa, this is something I’ve prepared for you… It’s a jade statue of Guanyin. This is very well carved but it’s not that expensive. It’s merely eight million dollars!” Ivan had also made his move. He took out a twenty centimeters tall jade statue of Guanyin from a box. It looked very impressive.

“Is this made from Hetian jade? It’s not bad, the coloration is impressive and it’s very intricately carved. Thank you!” Old Master Taylor nodded satisfyingly. He could tell how sincere Ivan was to go out of his way to pick out a gift for him.

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