No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0510

Ivan’s expression immediately dimmed after hearing that statement. Was Jack not trying to intentionally embarrass him? However, he was not exactly bothered by being embarrassed as long as he was able to get Jack exiled from the Taylor family today. Everything would be worth it for him.

“95 million? Was it really that expensive?” Cecilia gasped after hearing that as she said, “So, in order to increase the value of your gift to the old master, you intentionally spoke a random amount, Jack?”

“Regardless of whether it’s worth that much or not, is an afterthought. However, I actually spent that much on that house to win the bid. If you don’t believe me, you can ask both Young Master Neil and Young Master Ken. They were both there on that day as well!” Jack calmly replied.

“Young Master Ken, Young Master Neil, did he actually spend that much money? I refuse to believe him, the son-in-law who was enlisted as a soldier for five years can fork out that much money!” Cecilia was very dissatisfied. She was dissatisfied because she could never have forked out that much money and was she actually inferior to the son-in-law?

“He actually did. The thing is, Young Master Ivan too had his eye on that mansion and wanted to bid for the mansion as a gift for Old Master Taylor so he went to the auction that day. However, he did not expect Jack to be present as well…” Ken laughed before continuing, “So, both of them wanted to bid for it. They even made a bet that the loser would shine the winner’s shoe. Young Master Ivan conceded in the end and Jack won the bid for that house!”

Fiona clenched her fist furiously as she listened from aside. She was fuming. Jack happened to be wasting too much money now. He actually wanted to snatch it from Ivan. Why could he not just give it to Ivan? That house was not even worth more than ninety million anyway.

Besides, he initially agreed to only a ten million dollars gift for the old master anyway. Could he not have bought anything else that cost ten million dollars? He could have saved eighty million dollars then. Even if Jack did not want this much money, it would be better off just giving it to her. His mother-in-law happened to be short in cash anyway. Of course, she merely kept those thoughts to herself. As unhappy as she was, she could not speak her mind in front of everyone then. Besides, Jack spent that much money to win the bid for that house while making Ivan shine his shoe for him at the same time. This had earned some form of pride or glory to their family.

At this moment, Ken chuckled coldly as he said, “However, I’ve had people look into Jack and he never requested for an advance paycheck from Miss Tanya. Coincidentally, we ran into the same wealthy lady from the previous auction together with Jack again. Cough! Cough! This meant that the money came from that wealthy woman. The hard-earned money of that wealthy woman it seems!” Ken emphasized his tone when he said ‘hard-earned money’ as if he was trying to hint at something. He even slowed down when he said that.

“That’s right. That gift came from the bed, it seems!” After Michael heard that, he burst out laughing. How could Ivan not tell him when he knew so much information.

However, that was not important now since Jack, their son-in-law had utterly disgraced the entirety of the Taylor family now. If what Ivan said was true, it would be a miracle for Jack to not be exiled from the Taylor family immediately. He believed that as long as Jack was no longer in the picture to stop him, he would have a chance to pursue Selena.

“Jack, what they’re saying, is it true? Were you really together with that wealthy lady?”

Fiona had nearly passed out from being agitated. Neil had told them about it previously and she thought they were intentionally spouting nonsense. However, Selena did not exactly probe deeper regarding that ordeal so the entire matter was dropped.

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