No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0512

“Oh yeah… Very few can actually survive past one month on the battlefield, let alone five years…”

“You’re right, those who can survive for a year are considered above average good. Jack must be very capable to be able to hang in there for five years. He mustn’t be just any ordinary soldier, maybe he held a higher position!”

Many started to second guess…

“as far as I know, you’ve spent almost a hundred million since you came back. This villa would cost you another ninety over million! In that case, the government must have rewarded you a pension worth that of a head commander’s,” Ivan remarked laughingly.

“Mhmm. I know of an assistant commander who’s received a hundred million as pension, some head commander… Maybe two hundred million. So you’re a head commander?!” Ken joined the guessing game.

“Do you have anything to prove your position as a head commander, Jack? As far as I know, any commander would hold a commander’s token as a symbol of their position.” Old Master Taylor wished really hard that Jack could show everyone his token to prove his position and that the money he used to buy what he bought, was the money he well deserved from protecting the country. In that case, it would be an honor to the Taylor family, not a disgrace.

Dennis rubbed his nose bridge and was trying to suppress his laughter. Jack had his token but he did not plan to expose his true identity. All he wanted was to live a normal life. Everyone in the house would have to kneel and bow before him if he were to present his token.

It was the one and only in Daxia, only the Supreme Warrior could have it. Jack could command and rule anyone in the army. It was extremely inconsiderate of him to display the token in front of this many people. He would get into trouble regardless. If he did not display it, he would be labeled as ‘the sugar baby’; if he did, his true identity would be exposed.

He was on the fence and his expression darkened. “I…” What should he do?

“What’s the matter? Just show us the token if you’re really the head commander, it’s an honor—not something to be shameful of! Come on, shut their mouth. I believe that you’re not a sugar baby,” Joan tried to persuade Jack.

Then, Ivan interjected as he was excited to see Jack not being able to show the token. “Don’t tell me you don’t have a token as the commander?”

‘We’ll see how long more you can put on this show, Jack. It’s shameful enough that you’re a sugar baby, and to cover that lie with ‘head commander’s pension’? That’s funny!’

“Come on, Jack. You were so confident just now. How do you prove that you’re not just an ordinary soldier? Where’s your token? You can’t prove anything without it!” Cecilia laughed and thought he had nothing to show after all.


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