No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0513

Jack bitterly smiled then said, “It’s true that I’m not an ordinary soldier. In fact, I hold a relatively high position in the military force. But I’ve lost my token, it was probably picked pocketed somewhere. Hence why I haven’t revealed my identity all this while, I was worried that no one would believe my words without the token.”

The crowd was speechless. How did he…

“I believe in him!” Selena walked forward. “When he first came back, I thought he was an ordinary soldier and only had a few hundred thousand on him. Later, I knew that my estimation was incorrect, five years of service in the military would have earned him maybe ten to twenty million… And I was wrong again! Now I think he’s a head commander, to be able to afford this villa!”

“you’d speak up for him because he’s your husband, Selena! What a sweet talker.” Micheal laughed. “You think he’s a head commander just because he bought this villa, not because of his capabilities? Now what do you want us to do and how can we trust his words? He can’t even prove his position!”

“Mhmm!” Neil interjected, “Of all, we know the money could be from his sugar mommy!”

Ivan chimed in, “So you said the money was yours… Then how do you explain your relationship with that rich woman? I’ve seen her many times. There was even once when you walked out of the villa with her!”

Neil continued, “She always goes around wearing a mask as if she was avoiding paparazzi. This is a telltale sign that she was avoiding her husband or acquaintances, and that means you both are up to no good!”

“A rich lady? aren’t you worried she’ll kill you if you angered her?” Jack smiled coldly and continued, “Stop guessing, everyone. She’ll be here later and you’ll know who she is. Brace yourself.”

“What! She’ll be coming here? How dare she!” Ivan laughed.

“Wow, such a thick-faced woman to dare to show up today. Tsk tsk…” Ken laughed too. “Selena, look at your husband’s sugar mommy. She’s about to come and claim her turf.”

“First of all, she’s rich but not that rich. Her wealth is granted by Daxia as a reward for her serving the country. Second of all, she’ll come today out of respect for me. Otherwise, she won’t attend functions like this.” Jack’s expression darkened. He was angry because he could not stand them making fun of his disciple, Lana.

If it was not for Old Master’s birthday and the many people that were present including his daughter and wife—he really wanted to beat them up to teach them a lesson! Jack was really pissed at them for pushing him to the edge of the cliff.

“Tsk tsk tsk. So you mean, she’s nothing ordinary!”

“We shall see who this ‘extraordinary woman’ is. We can finally see her face when she removes her mask to eat.” Ivan laughed.

Suddenly, a voice announced at the door. The voice sounded as if it was trembling.

“Quin Hayes, King of War with six stars, arrived and is here to wish Old Master Taylor a happy and blessed seventieth birthday!”

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