No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0517

The trio—Ken, Neil, and Michael—began to scowl as the scene before them, inwardly jealous.

“Only ninety million or so? If you marry me, you’d have no problem having one or two billion,” Michael snapped, lips pursed into a tight frown. Jack was able to capture Selena’s heart by purchasing a villa; she did not even give them a chance to please her.

“So you’re saying that this villa is for Selena, right Jack? How about the old master’s gift then?” Cecilia spoke, unable to hold in her curiosity anymore. Folding her arms across her chest, she arrogantly added, “Is it possible that you didn’t prepare any presents?”

“That’s right, Jack. What about your promise to us previously? You can get out of the Taylor mansion if you didn’t prepare anything!” Ivan also stood up.

As though a light bulb went off in his head, Ken chimed in, “Jack, you bought a villa for your wife. What does it say about you being so generous? This means that you’re very rich. If that’s the case, the present you prepared for the old master must be very valuable!”

Michael decided to join in as he spoke, “Is it possible that the present you prepared is just ten million? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be somewhat of a downgrade for Old Master Taylor? After all, you’ve just gifted a villa that you bought with almost one hundred million to your wife!”

Unfazed, Jack merely replied, “Don’t you worry; it’s much more expensive than this villa!”

“Really now? There are a lot of wealthy businessmen here,” he mused. “There are so many people here. When are you taking out this present of yours? It’s best if it’s something that can give us a run for our money!” Michael started guffawing.


“The master of the George family is here with his family to congratulate Old Master Taylor on his birthday!” No one saw this coming. The head of the George family, he who was from the first-class aristocratic family, was here.

“They’re really here. The people of the first-class aristocratic families are here!” People began to chatter among themselves at the arrival of the George family.

“That’s enough. Presents can be given to me at any time. We’re really busy right now,” said Old Master Taylor, effectively interrupting Ivan and Michael. “I need to welcome the George Family Master first. This is the George family we’re talking about!” The old master then went ahead and greeted the George family with a smile.

There were so many important guests here today. To him, what Jack gifted him was not that important. It only mattered to him as long as the money Jack used to buy the villa was not earned by coddling rich women.

Moreover, what Jack said about the presents he prepared exceeded the value of the villa was too grandiose; he was definitely boasting. The words that came out of this man’s mouth tend to be unreliable sometimes.

“I’m here to see you making a fool of yourself, Jack. However, we’re too busy right now, so I’ll give you some more time. I don’t believe that you can drag it out today and avoid showing the present altogether!” Ivan laughed. “I want to see what kind of present you’ve come up with that’s more expensive than this villa. I’m waiting for the moment the present blinds our eyes!”

Ken also walked over and smiled coldly. “Young Master Hugo’s subordinates had been following you recently, and they reported that you hadn’t been buying any luxurious items. You only go to work and come back home every day. Apart from that, we also made some inquiries and know that the Drake family didn’t make any advance payment for your salary. I want to see how you’re going to explain these things and how’re you going to explain about that rich woman. We’re waiting for you. I want to see how long you can hold things off!”

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