No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0518

“Congratulations, Master Taylor!” The George Family Master offered him a small smile, gave Master Taylor his present, and walked inside.

“Jack! It’s so good to see you again!” A charming woman, who had on a white dress with flower patterns adorning the clothing, appeared from behind the George family’s patriarch. She immediately ran up to Jack once she saw him. “Oh, I missed you so much!”

The corners of her father’s mouth twitched ever so slightly when he saw his daughter getting so excited when she saw Jack. He was speechless. He never understood why his daughter would fall for this guy. Yes, Jack was medically skilled and was equally talented in many other aspects, but he was older than Sharon. As if that was not enough, he had a wife and a four-year-old child. His daughter, on the other hand, was high-born and incredibly beautiful. Finding a suitable candidate for her hand in marriage would be as easy as pie.

“Who’s this? She’s so gorgeous.” Ivan, Ken, and the others scrutinized this woman carefully. She had to be a member of the George family as she did tag along with them.

“It’s Sharon George…! Didn’t Jack treat her disease? Dear me. She’s an entirely different person once she’s slimmed down. Her figure, her pretty face…” Michael swallowed his saliva.

F*ck. If he knew Sharon would look so prepossessing after slimming down, he would have pursued her from the start. He had no idea that this woman was a gem in a rock.

Who would have known this woman could turn out to be so beautiful?

“Look at her eyes closely; it is Sharon George!” Ken was ashamed. Sharon was actually here. When they were at the auction house previously, this woman was obsessed with Jack. With her current attitude, was it possible…?

“Oh, Miss Sharon is here!” Before Jack could muster a proper reply, Fiona instantly walked up to welcome Sharon with a smile on her face. “Long time no see!”

“Indeed, Auntie. Long time no see!” Sharon smiled at the woman before walking up to Jack. Her inviting red lips were pursed into a sweet smile as she blushed. “I haven’t seen you these past few days, and now I finally get to meet you. How have you been?”

Standing next to them, Selena was speechless. Did Sharon George just ignore her, Jack’s actual wife?

“I’m fine!” Jack smiled awkwardly. Instead of entertaining her, however, Jack turned to look at his wife and said, “Let’s have a walk at the garden over there, dear!”

Touched by her husband’s attentiveness, Selena meekly replied, “Okay.” She held her daughter’s hand with one hand and Jack’s hand with the other. The three of them walked toward the garden not far away.

“I…” Frozen on her spot, Sharon was in disbelief at how he treated her. Jack truly was ruthless to her; he did not even bother to entertain her for a minute. She liked him so much, she had no idea… What was worse was that his actions were basically telling her to give up; that he was happily married.

Fiona did not anticipate Jack to act out like that either. She was just as dumbfounded.

She hastily stepped forward, closer to the young woman, and quickly spoke, “Don’t take his words to heart, Miss Sharon; he’s just too crude about matters such as these. You also know that he’s just come back from the battlefield.”

Sharon smiled bitterly before she replied, “Don’t worry. I understand where he’s coming from, so no offense is taken. This is normal as the three of them are such a loving family. It’s not good for me to involve myself like this. Is this not enough to tell that Jack is a good man?”

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