No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0522

Jack instantly cleared his throat when he heard Selena’s comeback. “Honey, that’s not the case. The main reason was we were lacking a house, right?” he spoke in his defense. “Apart from that, this house is conveniently opposite the Taylors’ mansion, and you can easily go visit as you pleased! Furthermore, it’s in the center of Kylie’s kindergarten and where we work. This location is perfect, so I bid for it!”

“Five-star King of War, Xyle Walker is here to congratulate Old Master Taylor on his seventieth birthday! He presents…”

More and more people trickled in. Nobody anticipated that another important person, a 5-star King of War at that, would come.

Old Master Taylor had a huge smile on his face. There were a few Kings of War here and quite a number of majors and marshals. Apart from that, a large number of Head Commanders and Assistant Commanders were also present.

Not only that, but an impressive number of first-class and second-class aristocratic families were also here.

This small party turned into a grand gathering. He began to worry if 200 tables were enough to go around.

The attendees were generous, their gifts rather expensive. It was fair to say that the Taylors had earned a lot with just the presents.

Of course, Old Master Taylor was not ignorant. Most of the people were here because a certain person was said to be coming: Eastfield’s Goddess of War, a powerful unrivaled existence that had great achievements.

He had no idea why the Goddess of War would come to the Taylor family just to congratulate him, but that was not an important thing to fret over. The most important thing was that the Taylor family was heavily celebrated on this day, and their future would no doubt develop smoothly.

He even received name cards of many businessmen. Not only that, but some Marshals and Commanders also approached him and offered their name cards.

Everyone was conversing with one another in the courtyard, either in groups of twos or threes. Of course, these conversations were started for the sake of possibly establishing beneficial relationships.

Skyler, for example, was talking with Quin. “Why is the Goddess of War not here yet? Is it possible that she won’t be coming?” The 8-star King of War looked at the door and frowned.

Had it not been for the rumor that the Goddess of War was coming, he would not have come to this party.

“Women; they need time to dress up! We’re not on the battlefield right now, and our Goddess of War is a woman. I heard that she’s much prettier once she dresses up nicely.”

Quin laughed. “I’ve seen her in feminine outfits before. I dare say she’s gorgeous!”

“Is it? To be honest, I’ve never seen our Goddess of War in such clothing. Still, she’s quite tall and has legs for days. It’s only logical she’d look very nice in women’s clothing!” Skyler laughed as well, all the more excited about seeing her.

Needless to say, they held respect for the Goddess of War’s appearance. Such a person was regarded highly.

Skyler’s eyes slowly wandered and, without realizing it, found himself looking at the garden.

It was fine before he took a look. Upon proper inspection, he noticed a man grinning as he stood with a rather beautiful lady and a young girl, chatting happily.

“That person’s side-profile looks… So much like…” Skyler frowned. That person in the garden looked so much like a man he knew on the battlefield.


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