No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0527

“I—It’s her! The Goddess of War!” Face pale in fright, Neil broke out into cold sweat as he attempted to wipe them off. Had his father not pulled him away moments ago, he might have continued speaking less savory words to Lana.

“No more of that ‘rich hag’ nonsense. This is our Goddess of War, Lana Zechs!” Skyler took two steps forward and exclaimed to the people, “The Goddess of War is here to…”

He saw Jack in the midst of announcing Lana’s arrival. He believed the Goddess of War was here because Jack did a meritorious service.

He inhaled sharply mid-sentence, and his voice trembled from feeling intimidated.

Skyler then walked forward, knelt on one knee, and placed a clenched to his chest. “Greetings to the Supreme Warrior. Supreme Warrior, I had no idea that it’s you!”

“What?!” The people here were already stupefied by the Goddess of War’s presence. They never thought that they would be in for another surprise when the 8-star King of War, Skyler Celestino knelt before Jack, gave him a salute only given to the highest-ranking soldier in the army, and addressed him as the Supreme Warrior!

“Is it truly him?” Quin was flabbergasted. He knew that Skyler had seen the Supreme Warrior before, seeing as he had told him the Supreme Warrior had saved his life before.

It seemed as though Skyler still held onto his belief, not wanting to admit his mistake.

‘It’s over. At this rate, Master’s true identity will be exposed!’ Lana was petrified, too shocked at the sudden turnover of events. She had no idea what to do to dissolve this matter.

“Oh dear…” Dennis was just as shocked. He had no idea Skyler knew Jack.

Ivan was so frightened that he was stunned for a short while. Walking forward, he anxiously asked, “How is that possible? King of War Celestino, did you make a mistake? He’s only a son-in-law who married into our family, a normal soldier who had just returned from the battlefield. How could he be the Supreme Warrior?”

If Jack truly was the Supreme Warrior, then the few of them would be in trouble. They offended Jack, the Supreme Warrior, before. Was that not equivalent to signing their own death warrants?

“Sh*t!” Michael’s legs weakened and he fell to the ground. He had just offended the Goddess of War, and now Jack was revealed to be the Supreme Warrior? This… This was too much!

Was this not supposed to be where they successfully revealed the shoddy relationship between Jack and this rich hag, and Jack would be driven out of this house? How could this go wrong for them? Right now, the matter of whether Jack was the Supreme Warrior or not was unimportant. He had just offended the Goddess of War, and it was a likely guarantee he was doomed.

“King of War, how’s that possible? T—This is my son-in-law. You must’ve made a mistake.” Fiona offered an awkward smile, finding it utterly impossible that her son-in-law was the Supreme Warrior. The Supreme Warrior was extremely mysterious, and nobody had ever seen him. Even if someone did, it should be someone like a King of War.

The 8-star King of War had knelt on one knee and performed an honorable salute. He said that Jack was the Supreme Warrior. How was that possible?

“King of war, y—you must’ve made a mistake. He can’t be the Supreme Warrior!” Even Selena walked forward in embarrassment. The Goddess of War did not kneel with him, so it must be that Jack was not the Supreme Warrior, and that this was just an honest mistake.

Jack looked behind him and pointed at his own nose, “Oh my. King of War Celestino, are you addressing me? Did you make a mistake? I… I’m not the Supreme Warrior! It’d be cool if I truly was him, though!”

“That’s impossible. I saw you two to three years ago!” Skyler frowned. Even though he had just met them once, Jack’s face in his memory was already fading.

Still, he was convinced that they looked too much alike.

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