No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0528

Unable to stand idly, Lana eventually spoke up, “King of War Celestino, he’s not the Supreme Warrior. Honest. Were you mistaken? He only looks like him.” Despite her words, Lana felt as though there was a chance he did not believe her when she saw Skyler frowning. It seemed that the other party was not entirely convinced with his own thoughts either.

If not, he would not have argued with her.

Skyler stood up soon after. “Goddess of War, are you sure?”

Lana laughed, one that sounded as though confident with herself. “I’ve drunk with him, wine and tea, rather often. I’ve seen his face without the mask before, and surely more than once. Are you not trusting what I’m saying?”

“But it’s rather strange; they look so much alike. Are there people who look like each other that much in this world?” Skyler looked at Jack again, and a blush slowly crept on his face. If Jack genuinely was not the Supreme Warrior, then he had knelt to a mere man married into the Taylor family… This misunderstanding turned out to be a downright embarrassing moment for him.

“After you’ve known Jack for some time, you’ll find that he doesn’t look so much like the Supreme Warrior!” Lana assured him, followed with a nervous chuckle. “I know what you mean, though. I thought he was the Supreme Warrior when I saw him on the battlefield, but it turns out they just look somewhat alike. Later on, I found that he really isn’t the Supreme Warrior.”

Quin burst out laughing. “Brother Skyler, you’ve made such a big misunderstanding. I saw you making such a grand gesture of honor just now, and I thought that it genuinely was the Supreme Warrior. Had I not seen the Goddess of War still standing, I would’ve knelt and greeted him like you!” The more he thought about it, the funnier it was.

Skyler glanced at Jack as his face darkened; he wanted to unleash his frustration onto him. How dare he look so much like the Supreme Warrior and caused him to lose face! He was a King of War, with 8-stars nonetheless, and he knelt and greeted a normal man who married into the wife’s family. It was really…

It was only because everyone was looking at them that Skyler could not yell at him. After all, Jack did not do anything wrong and, all the more, did not admit he was the Supreme Warrior. As a matter of fact, Skyler was the one who recognized Jack wrongly and gave him such a grand greeting instead.

“He shocked me. I mean, he can’t be the Supreme Warrior!” Fiona started laughing. If Jack was the Supreme Warrior, did it not mean that the Gods of War had to greet him? Apart from that, they had to respect him at all times.

However, Jack was just a son-in-law who married into his wife’s family. Apart from being a soldier for five years, he was a mere delivery guy before that. He might have been honored a great rank in the army, but he was definitely not the Supreme Warrior.

After all, the Supreme Warrior was the strongest and most powerful person in the entire Daxia. One-of-a-kind by nature, he was the man who did the most on the battlefield as he defended their country.

“It was an honest mistake, but that shocked me!” Some of the commanders were stunned and were speechless.

“That’s right. King of War Celestino had only seen him once for a mere two to three seconds, and it even happened two to three years ago, so it’s only natural that his memory of the Supreme Warrior seemed vague at this point!” One of the head commanders smiled bitterly. He was previously the subordinate of Skyler.

Whenever he was happy after a day out drinking, Skyler would tell people about this incident. Naturally, people envied him for this. To the soldiers, those that had met the Supreme Warrior had won in life as not many people could see his face without the mask.

Jack, on the other hand, sighed in relief. After all, he was worried Skyler would recognize him when he was in the garden.

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