No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0530

Ivan looked at the box in contempt. “What’s this? This broken box looks so old. How is this worth over a hundred million? What are you trying to pull?” he scoffed. “It seems like all there’s left is for you to leave now. Don’t blame us; you failed your own promise!”

Before anyone could react, the young master of the Mont family, Grayson Mont soon realized what it was. “I—Isn’t this box used to hold the luminous pearl?!” he half-yelled in utter disbelief.

“This seems to be that box! Is the luminous pearl inside?” The master of the Roy family, Robert Roy chorused in.

Did that rich hag buy it? Still, was the rich hag not the Goddess of War?

“How’s that possible? Did the Goddess of War buy it? Why is it in his possession?” Some of the people looked at Jack and Lana weirdly as they had no idea what was going on.

Jack opened the box. Sure enough, a big luminous pearl was revealed to the crowd.

“This… Isn’t this the luminous pearl that can prolong a person’s life?” Old Master Taylor gaped at the pearl. This pearl had gone through a very fierce bidding process before it landed in the mysterious rich hag’s hand who he recently found out was the Goddess of War, Lana Zechs.

Yet, this precious object was in Jack’s hands right now.

“Oh my goodness. This is the luminous pearl that’s worth five hundred million!” Fiona gulped, evidently shocked as she held herself back from snatching it. Jack was too much; he did not think about giving such an invaluable item to her.

Unfortunately, so many people were looking on, and this was Jack’s present to the old master as well. She could only endure her heartache and remain calm.

“This is that pearl!” Robert was envious. This object was an exceptionally rare and precious object. Experts claimed it could slow down a person’s metabolism. They wanted it so badly during the auction for this item.

Alas, the item had reached the five hundred million mark in the end, and they had to give up.

“Yes, Grandfather. Happy seventieth birthday! I hope that this pearl can help Grandfather to be more energetic and live a long life!” Jack smiled indifferently. He covered the box and handed it to him.

“Good, so good!” Zeus laughed, overjoyed with that gift. This pearl cost five hundred million and, coincidentally, he was already at an old age. How could he not be happy when he got such a precious object? After all, he might be able to live a few more years if he placed this pearl beside his pillow.

Ecstatic, Old Master Taylor beamed, “Satisfied. I’m very, very satisfied! Jack, you’ve completed your every promise. Today onward, I welcome everyone to come back and stay. I’ll also acknowledge that you’re the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family! You’re good enough and are definitely worthy of Selena.”

“Then we can stay at both places!” Jack laughed. He then turned around and looked at the villa. “Grandfather, you can also follow us and stay at the other villa.”

“Why not? It seems very pleasant, and I guess I could stay for a night or two, so keep a room for me!” Old Man Taylor replied. “Still, I’m used to staying in this villa, so I’ll be here most of the time. Both houses are so nearby, so I can visit you whenever I have the time!”

“Good idea, Grandfather!” Jack praised him. “Then we’ll still stay at the previous villa we used to stay in. We can stay at both places!”

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