No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0533

Yet he never expected Jack to speak after pausing for a moment. “Lambasting my name is fine. After all, I’m just a bodyguard working for the Drake family. However, you’ve slandered the name of a Goddess of War. You cannot be forgiven that easily for that. Our Goddess of War here isn’t even married, yet you’ve said such things about her…”

Jack spoke to Ivan, “Young Master Ivan, the fatty accused you of slandering the Goddess of War as well. Isn’t that practically defamation for you as well?”

“That’s right. He utterly and thoroughly slandered my name as well. I have nothing but respect for the Goddess of War. There isn’t a speck of disrespect within me. In my eyes, Miss Lana is the strongest Goddess of War among the nine. Besides, it’s a no-brainer that it’s extremely difficult for a woman to become a Goddess of War!” Ivan bobbed his head as he agreed with Jack’s words. He even threw in a statement that clearly meant to suck up to Lana.

“What? Are you underestimating women?”mHe never expected Lana’s expression to darken instead as she spoke unhappily.

“No, no. I didn’t mean that. I–I’m just saying it’s not easy…” Ivan was suddenly shocked. Beads of cold sweat traveled down his neck.

Jack then said, “Young Master Ivan, you said it yourself—this fellow defamed you. Then we’ll make this easy and give you a chance to prove yourself. Our Goddess of War here will be watching if you do it well. Go on and give this fatty two hundred vicious slaps. Oh, and each slap must be absolutely resounding to prove your respect and regard for the Goddess of War! Otherwise, it would mean that you do not truly respect her!”

“Mmhmm. Not bad. It’s time to see if you truly respect me!” Lana smiled and folded her arms across her chest. “Begin!”

“Two–two hundred? That’s too much!” Michael almost fainted on the spot, fury kindling in him. Jack was seriously overstepping his boundaries. Couldn’t the man just tell him to kowtow and apologize or something?

Instead, he told Ivan to give him two hundred slaps—hard ones at that. This was preposterous!

“Too much? Heh. The fact that you’re allowed to live is good enough, Michael, and you still wish to bargain with me? Vermin like you have no right to question the reputation of a Goddess of War.”

Jack’s lips curled into a frosty smile. He turned towards Ivan. “Young Master Ivan, this is now in your hands!” he said. “It’s time to prove your loyalty—the respect and regard you claim to harbor towards the Goddess of War!”

The corners of Ivan’s mouth twitched. Now, he would have preferred the Goddess of War to kill Michael in a flash of anger instead.

Were he to raise his hand and slap Michael, it would be a miracle if the other man did not hold a grudge against him.

The person he was most frustrated with was Jack—how dare he ask him to slap Michael, putting his respect towards the Goddess of War on the line! It was hard for him to go easy with such a matter at stake. Furthermore, he could not fake the slapping, what with so many people watching.

“What are you standing there for? Move!” Skyler glared at Ivan as he reminded him.

“That’s right. Letting him live is mercy in itself, considering what he said about a Goddess of War!” Quin also chimed in.

“If you’re not up for it, I’ll take your place and defend her honor. I’ll slap him to death in three strikes!” Xyle, another God of War, burst into laughter.


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