No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0535

Neil was considering himself lucky, rejoicing in the fact that the Goddess of War seemed to have forgotten everything he had said earlier. In his head, he kept praying that she would not hold a grudge against him and let the issue slide. Much to his dismay, she suddenly yelled at him to go over. It was possible that he was her target now.

Neil’s father, Hugo, was just as terrified as his son. He wanted to come forward and beg for her forgiveness. He took one step forward before he stopped.

It was not just anyone before him—it was a Goddess of War. If he pleaded for mercy, he might incur her wrath and have his entire family killed or worse, and all he would be able to do at that point was to blame his bad luck.

Hence, he simply stood there—rooted to his spot—afraid to take a step further.

“God–Goddess of War, is there a problem?” Neil gulped, his voice trembling.

“Count the slaps. Don’t miss a single one,” Lana said to him.

“Y–yes, ma’am!” Neil bobbed his head vigorously. It was so scary. His heart threatened to burst forth from his chest at any moment. Fortunately, she had only summoned him to keep count.

“Three, four…” Ivan slapped Michael again and again. The latter’s face quickly swelled into the size of a balloon, blood dribbling down the corners of his mouth.

Meanwhile, Ivan felt an excruciating pain in his hand after quite a while of slapping, as though it was about to swell as well.

He was the one hitting someone else, but his hand was in pain as well. He was only better off by a slight margin.

Although he was not the one getting slapped, the one doing the slapping was not better off by much!


Soon enough, ninety-nine slaps had been given. Michael had been slapped until his face was as red as a tomato, swelling past inhuman levels. He had a dull look in his eyes, having been slapped to the point of numbness.

It was evident that he had completely recognized his mistake.

“I, the head of the Drake family, James Drake, have arrived with the Drake family to wish Sir Taylor a happy 70th birthday. They are…”

At this moment, James, Yvonne, Tanya, Timothy, and the other members of the Drake family arrived, presenting an exquisitely expensive gift.

“My God. What–what’s happening here?”

James received the shock of his life the moment he walked in. He saw Young Master Wilson kneeling on the ground being slapped by Ivan Taylor. The former’s face had swelled to the size of a pig’s.

“Huh? Young Master Clark, what’s…” Tanya was also stupefied. This was a birthday party, no? Why was something so miserable happening right now?

“The Goddess of War! The Goddess of War’s here. See? Isn’t that Lana Zechs?” Timothy quickly noticed Lana and exclaimed, “I never thought the Goddess of War would be so stunning out of her uniform!”

“Master Drake, this is what happened…” One of the ushers of the Taylor family explained to James and his family as they walked inside.

“So that’s what happened. That Michael’s as blind as a bat. How dare he say something like that to the Goddess of War!” James was taken aback. Michael usually threw his weight about shamelessly in front of others, but he had offended the Goddess of War this time. Nothing could be done about it. He was asking for it.

After he said that, he could not help but look at Jack. He never expected that Jack, the Taylor family’s son-in-law, had saved the Goddess of War’s life. Who would have known he would have such a connection with the Goddess of War?

However, he quickly sensed that something was off. Was that really it? That Jack had used his medical skills to save the Goddess of War before she had grown strong to become a Goddess of War? Then why was Jack’s file strictly confidential? Why was his file so strange? Why were there so many things that were not officially recorded? No one could guess what Jack had done while he was a soldier for five years. That was why it was likely that the connection between Jack and the Goddess of War was not that simple. Jack was at least a God of War. That was probably the case.


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