No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0537

“Lana, Miss Goddess of War! Long time no see!” James called out to Lana, immediately stepping forward after Michael had been carried away.

She nodded her head, then noticed the two beauties beside him. “I assume that these two are the legendary beauties, Tanya and Yvonne?” she said, smiling.

Tanya was shocked when she heard that. She never expected that the Goddess of War would praise her like that. “Hello, Goddess of War. I–I’m Tanya Drake. I’m not that beautiful—you’re a lot more good-looking than I am. Not only do you have a nice figure, you also have such a powerful aura!”

Yvonne also quickly added, “That’s right. Not everyone possesses the aura of a Goddess of War. Michael has always been brazenly arrogant. He probably wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant after this incident.”

The eyes of these two beauties were steady and clear. They were dressed in a simple fashion. Lana had a good impression of them.

After she thought about it, she nonchalantly took out her name card and passed it to Tanya. “My phone number’s here. We can go out for a cup of coffee when we’re free. Besides, I don’t know that many people here in Eastfield!”

Tanya was stunned by the royal treatment. She gulped before she took the tiny name card. “All right. I’ll contact you when I have the time. Oh, right. This is mine!”

She quickly took out her name card and held it out towards the other woman, bowing slightly with both hands clasped around the card.

Lana could not help but smile at Tanya’s antics. “Don’t be so serious. I’m not a god. Just treat me like any normal person—like a sister!”

“I–I shouldn’t do that. Even if you’re not a god, you’re close. You’re a Goddess of War!”

Tanya could not get used to that. Lana was a powerful Goddess of War—how could she treat her as a regular girlfriend and hang out so casually? No way she could do that. She already felt stressed standing before the Goddess of War, feeling as though invisible hands were clenching around her heart. She had never experienced a feeling like this before. There was an unidentifiable prestige, an unidentifiable atmosphere of strength before her.

“I was a Goddess of War. That was a long time ago. I’ve retired now!” Lana did not know whether to laugh or cry. She just wanted to shed her titles and make two new friends. Her title made it really difficult for others to interact with her normally.

Timothy, who was standing beside his sister, had a gloomy expression. He felt that he had been sidelined by the Goddess of War. He even purposely dressed up today and wore a sharply tailored suit.

Of course, he wanted to get the Goddess of War’s attention. Yet…

After a while, almost all the guests had arrived.

Zeus frowned when he scanned the area. It seemed like there were a lot of people. He did not know if the 220 tables were enough to seat everyone.

“Who did this? F*ck! How dare he beat my son like this!”

Michael had been carted back to the Wilson family’s mansion.

The head of the Wilson family saw him just as he was being carried in. He immediately called for a few of the Wilson family members to witness the situation.

“My God. What happened to the young master? His face has been beaten, and so badly swollen that it looks like a pig’s. I probably wouldn’t recognize him if it wasn’t for his clothes, which was what he wore this morning!”

One of the Wilson members grimaced when he saw Michael’s state.

“Who did this? Who did this! I’ll tear him to pieces!” Master Wilson clenched his hands into fists. This was his son, his flesh and blood. He himself did not have the heart to hit him. He never thought that he would be beaten up to this state.

“That’s right. We must avenge him and kill the culprit’s entire family!” The caretaker of the Wilson family also said, huffing.

“Ma–master, the young master offended a Goddess of War,” one of the bodyguards spoke carefully, raising his head.


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