No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0539

“Jack? He just retired from the military, yet he has the guts to go against our family and do something so vicious against my son? Hmph! I, David Wilson, will teach him the taste of regret!”

The bodyguard’s words quickly directed David’s hatred towards Jack.

“That’s right. Jack’s unbelievably wicked, Master. Ivan had no choice either. There were so many people there, and the Goddess of War was watching so he had to use his strength. Otherwise, they’d say that the slaps didn’t count and he would have needed to start over. So…”

Naturally, the bodyguard knew that Michael and Ivan had a pretty good friendship. He knew they were against Jack, so he even put in a good word or two for Ivan.

“Alright. I get it!” David nodded. “Sure, Jack may have saved the Goddess of War, but she had given him luminous pearls worth five hundred million dollars, and she even put him on a pedestal during Old Man Taylor’s birthday party. Her debt to him is probably almost fulfilled. I’ll never forget this incident. Even if I can’t confront him now, I’ll think of a way to kill Jack soon.”


At that moment, in a tower opposite the Taylor family’s residence, quite a few people were using binoculars to observe the situation in the villa.

“It’s buzzing! Lots of people went!! And there are quite a few Kings of War here. Lana Zechs came as well!”

A man with a determined face spoke, his expression darkened as he slowly lowered his binoculars.

“That’s right. Jack sabotaged your master the last time. Who knew that a Goddess of War would say he was helping to get rid of a hazard, even giving him face to celebrate the old man’s birthday?”

Quil smiled coldly before continuing, “And the other Gods of War had all come. Of course, I want to see them. That Goddess of War has such a good figure, and she’s not half-bad looking either. Heh. I think quite a few people are thinking of bedding her. Tsk tsk. It’s a pity that a woman like that is too strong for the likes of normal fellows. She’ll be quite a catch if anyone manages to reel her in!”

He never expected the man to give him a vicious backhanded-slap him across the face right after saying that.


Quil was extremely furious, but he quickly remembered that this was King of War Magnus Sutherland’s apprentice he was talking to. He was a head commander. The bodyguards that came with Quil were no match for him.

“Jack drove my master to death. I wanted to kill him and avenge my master!” The man’s expression hardened, murder rooted within his gaze. “But a Goddess of War doesn’t deserve to be slandered by someone like you,” he told Quil. “Don’t even think about doing anything to her. You wouldn’t be living such a comfortable life in Sky City now if we soldiers didn’t sacrifice ourselves in the war, would you?”

It was obvious that although the man wanted to avenge his master, he still had ultimate respect for Gods of War.

The Nine Great Gods of War and the Supreme Warrior were practically deities in his heart.

“Understood!” Even though he was angry, Quil managed a smile. “When do you plan to make a move?”

“After a few days. This happened not too long ago, so I don’t want to attract the suspicion of the God and Kings of War. I’ll find an opportunity to kill Jack after a few days.”

The man thought for a moment then said, “Don’t worry. You said it yourself that he has the skills that could match a head commander. He’s strong, but it wouldn’t be a problem when faced with an actual head commander like me.”

“All right!” Quil said, nodding his head.

He never expected the middle-aged man to sigh at this moment. “Ah, I never thought my master—the old man who had contributed so much to our country and killed so many enemies—would meet an ending like that. It just makes one so bitterly disappointed. No matter what, his sins didn’t warrant a death sentence. Hmph. It’s all because of Jack. My master wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t called for the Goddess of War!”

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