No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0541

Zeus was well aware that this allowed the Taylor family to leap straight into a second-class aristocratic family. Additionally, the deal they had signed with South Hill Real Estate enabled them to hold on to the title of second-class aristocrats for at least two years. They could even become slightly stronger than several other families of the same class.

Everyone drank a lot, and it was around three or four in the afternoon when the guests started to gradually disperse.

After seeing Lana and the others off, Jack sauntered over to Selena.

“Let’s go, Honey. Let’s go and see our new home sweet home!” He sang with a soft and gentle smile appearing on his face.

“Okay, let’s go over and take a good look! We can then pack our things and move in this afternoon!” Selena responded after giving some thought to his suggestion. She felt a glimmer of happiness. Her heart was singing.

“Good idea! There’s nothing much for us to pack anyway. Everything we need is already there. Some simple packing will do. We can move in this afternoon!” Jack said, bobbing his head.

“Let’s go! Let’s move now! I can’t wait to see it!” Fiona beamed with great excitement in her tone. That villa was so much more opulent and sumptuous than any of the villas here. She had long desired to live in this villa.

She did not expect that her dream would come true so quickly and that she was able to move into that villa today!

The family quickly crossed the road and walked towards the villa.

On the other side, Ivan was seeing Neil and Ken off at the gate.

The three of them harbored bitterness and saltiness within them, watching the silhouettes of the family growing smaller and smaller as they approached the dream villa.

“Damn! This good-for-nothing shrimp stole the spotlight today!”

“Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. So damn lucky! This sh*thead actually saved the Goddess of War’s life. She’s bolstered his pride enough already, even giving him a luminous pearl that’s worth five hundred million, providing him an easy chance to use it as Old Man Taylor’s birthday present!” Ivan scoffed with a frosty expression.

“So, ask Xena to wait for a few more days. Grandpa Taylor has not only accepted Selena and her family, but he has also completely acknowledged Jack as Taylors’ son-in-law. He seemed like he was satisfied when he was chatting with Jack.”

“If you let the two of them go on like this, I’m truly worried that the Young Master Taylor title will become nothing and that your position as an heir will not be guaranteed!” Ken managed to spill some words after thinking about the situation.

“Stop kidding! I was the one who signed the deal with South Hill Conglomerate, the one who made an unbelievably huge contribution to the company! Earning 7 to 8 billion in two or three years is not a problem for me! Jack and Selena will never be able to affect my rights and my position as the heir of the Taylor family!” Ivan cursed. The skin between his brows crinkled.

“Young Master Taylor, you can’t be too sure! Old Master Taylor used to like Selena very much. Her business acumen and capabilities are ten times better than yours. Now that he has allowed them back into the Taylor family, it also means that he recognizes and approves of them!”

Ken sneered coldly, “Besides, if it weren’t for Selena, would you even get such a big contract? The image of you in the old man’s heart may not be as good as Selena’s now. Plus, all the luxurious and lavish gifts that the old man received today are enough to help the Taylors leap straight into the second-class aristocrat title! And all the credit belongs to Jack!”

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