No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0544

“Are you sure it’s reliable? This jerk is wicked. He’s not going to be easy to deal with!” Flynn saw that his cousin was finally going to avenge him and his spirits were immediately lifted. He felt that he might as well die if he was not avenged.

He was the son of a second-class aristocratic family in the Lone City. He came from a noble family! How could a bodyguard destroy his arm during his visit to Eastfield—a place that was nothing compared to Lone City. It would be a shameful embarrassment to return to Lone City in such a state! Not to mention, what would the wealthy people from Lone City think of him now? That he was merely a disabled man!

“Don’t be too preoccupied with that. The pill is absolutely reliable. The thing is like this…”

Ken told Flynn about their plan and arrangement from start to finish. “We didn’t do it earlier because Ivan was worried about something. He was looking forward to Old Man Taylor’s birthday banquet as he wanted to witness Old Man Taylor cast Jack out from the Taylor family. However, we didn’t expect Jack to bring such glory to the Taylor family and for Old Man Taylor to approve of Jack just like that! This time, Ivan is determined to erase this guy from the earth!”

“Alright then. I’m just unhappy with letting that b*stard to live another month. Besides, this poison doesn’t seem like it would torture him and give him a miserable death!” Flynn clenched his jaw, the boulder in his heart was still there.

“Who said this poison won’t torture him? In the early stage, the consumer will not feel anything at all, so it wouldn’t be painful. However, in the two days before he dies, you can’t begin to imagine the pain that he’ll be experiencing. He’s going to feel as though his bones and heart are corroding, melting. That feeling will make him want to kill himself, and it’ll last for two days! By that time, no antidote in the world will be able to save him!”

Ken chuckled loudly and added, “I wanted to get rid of this b*stard a long time ago. I asked him to leave Selena alone back then, but he refused. I shouldn’t have let him live until today and allowed him to become strong. Since he still stubbornly wants to be with Selena, don’t blame me for my cruelty!”

“Alright. I won’t go back to Lone City, then. I’ll stay a little longer at yours and wait for the good news!”

Flynn sealed his decision after thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Jack and the others were touring the 95-million villa.

“How is it? Are you satisfied with the decoration and setting of the house?” Jack asked Selena and the others with a warm smile on his face.

For him, where he lived and the condition of the house did not matter to him as long as there was a roof over his head. However, he did not wish to treat his dear wife, her lovely family, and his family badly.

“Of course, I’m content! Look at the yard! It’s huge! Even the place where the servants and maids will be staying is spacious and comfortable! And the bonsai over there is marvelous!” Selena beamed with a wide grin. “Honey, I’m extremely satisfied!”

“This villa’s so good! When we lived in the Taylor’s residence, I used to look at the villa and feel a little envious of the people living in it. I wouldn’t have thought that one day my dream to live in it would come true!” Andrew let out laughter, satisfaction showing on his face.

However, there was one person whose face was dull and cold all the time, seemingly unhappy.

“Ma, what’s the matter? Why do I sense that you’re not happy today? We’re going to live in this big villa, aren’t you happy?” Selena frowned and asked, noticing Fiona’s expression as well.

“I’m happy, of course, I’m happy. To live in such a big villa, how could I not be happy? A three-story villa with many rooms in it.”

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