No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0545

Fiona rolled her eyes at Selena and turned to face Jack. Her expression indicated that she was truly exasperated. “Jack, there’s one thing I have to say now. I didn’t mention it earlier because I wanted to protect your image in front of the crowd. Now there’s only one thing I want to get off my chest!” She burst.

Jack’s brows furrowed for a moment before his gentle smile reappeared on his face. He said calmly, “Mother, I think I know what you want to say!”

“Oh, you do? Tell me why am I so angry, then!” Fiona crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Are you thinking about the episode earlier? When the Goddess of War told me to teach Michael a lesson, you think the punishment was too heavy, don’t you? You’re afraid that Michael will hold this grudge against me and that the Wilson family will cause trouble for us in the future?”

Jack chortled and continued, “Don’t worry about that. Even if they aren’t afraid of my relationship with the Goddess of War, I am not afraid of them!”

“Aww, Ma, I didn’t expect you to worry that the Clark family would do something to Jack!” A flash of warmth filled her. This was her first time seeing her own mother worry about Jack’s safety.

The corners of Fiona’s mouth twitched slightly. She blurted, “Bullsh*t! I’m not talking about this. I’m angry you didn’t tell me earlier about the luminous pearl the Goddess of War gave you!”

Jack was speechless. He initially thought Fiona was worried about his safety, afraid that the Clarks would take revenge on him. It seemed like it was just his imagination. It turned out that Fiona was concerned about the luminous pearl.

Jack forced a smile and said, “Mother, I did this to surprise Grandpa Taylor. Did you notice how happy he was today? Besides, I already knew what gift I was going to give him, so what’s the point of discussing it with others?”

“Actually, I was quite surprised too!” Selena chimed in with a warm smile. “I really didn’t expect that the Goddess of War would give that pearl to you. After all, she had spent a huge amount in the auction to bid for this pearl!”

“I must admit that it’s quite unexpected. The luminous pearl is such a valuable thing! It’s a national treasure! How could you give it to Grandpa Taylor without discussing it with us? You should’ve at least informed us!”

Fiona’s expression remained exasperated. “Have you ever thought about us? I let my beloved daughter marry you. We gave you Selena! Do you know how hard it is for parents to raise a kid? Why didn’t you think of giving it to us? I may no longer be young but I still have some years to live.”

Jack and Selena exchanged glances silently. They were tongue-tied in this situation. They did not expect Fiona to throw a tantrum because of a pearl.

“Yeah, how old are you again? You’re not even fifty! Why do you want to fight with Grandpa for this pearl? Don’t you feel ashamed?” Selena looked at Fiona and asked.

Andrew, who stood beside Fiona, was upset with the conversation. “In my opinion, Jack’s gift was very appropriate. The pearl should be given to my father. He is old now and he needs this kind of thing!” he fumed.

“Th—that’s five hundred million! Shouldn’t he at least discuss with us? We could’ve voted on a decision!” Fiona was still upset. She stared at Jack, fire burning in her eyes. “He kept quiet about the gift and made us worried the whole time! I was still worried about whether he had prepared a decent gift for Grandpa. Jack didn’t even treat us as his own!” she huffed.

“Ma, you’ve gone too far. Jack has never treated us as outsiders. I think you just want the pearl. If Jack had brought it out to the table, would you have let him give it away as the birthday gift?” Selena reprimanded her without hesitation. She then continued, “The pearl isn’t going to follow Grandpa Taylor to his grave, and you’re not even fifty years old! When Grandpa passes, we’ll give the pearl to you. Isn’t that good enough?”

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