No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0546

“Hmph! Stop fooling me! The pearl isn’t here anymore, it’s been given to others! Even if you wanted to take it back after Grandpa dies, do you think it’ll be that easy? By that time, Theodore would’ve gotten a hold of it and he won’t let it go until he dies! You gave away this pearl, not lending it out!

Fiona was no fool. She let out a chuckle and said to Jack, “Nevermind. I’ll forgive you this time because of the villa, but the next time you come across any valuable item, you must let me know first. Tell us about it, do you understand?”

“Yes, understood!” Jack nodded, his mouth curving awkwardly at its corners. “Let’s go inside and I’ll give you guys the tour, then we can start picking our rooms. But if you allow me to suggest, Mother, you should live on the first floor as it would be more convenient for you to move around. Selena, Ben, and I, the younger people, can live on the second floor.”

“I’ll take a look first then decide, but yes, the first floor will definitely be a lot more convenient!” With her head high, Fiona walked into the villa.

“Wow, wow, wow! This is amazing! The design and decorations are extraordinary!” Xena could not help but exclaim aloud once they stepped into the villa. The interior of the villa emitted a palatial aura. It was not old-fashioned, but quite the opposite. It was contemporary and fashionable—suitable for the younger generation.

“Yeah, it’s really great! Too great! Xena, let’s go upstairs and look around, then we can decide which room to live in!” Ben immediately chimed in.

Jack’s face darkened upon hearing his words. “Wait, talking about picking rooms, let your sister pick first, then Kylie, and then you!”

Jack’s words made their faces turn sour.

However, this villa was bought with Jack’s money, and the real estate certificate bore Selena’s name. Xena and Ben had no right to say anything.

“Alright, alright, but as for the villa at the Taylor’s residence, I want to live in my old room. You can’t decide that for us, right?” Ben turned to Jack and asked after he thought about something.

Jack smiled indifferently. “Don’t worry. The possibility of us living there will be very low. After all, I believe Selena wouldn’t want to see Ivan that often, right?”

Selena’s eyes lit up at Jack’s words. She smiled, “You know me pretty well, huh! The house over there… I don’t really want to go back and stay there that much. I’m so content with this villa. Besides, my husband bought it for me at such a high price, so it feels extra warm just to live here.”

“By the way, Jack, how much can a head commander get once he’s retired from the army?” Fiona finally opened her mouth. She could not stop thinking about the reward.

Jack’s face dulled. He was speechless. It seemed that they believed that he was a head commander. After all, the reward for a major in the army could be as much as one billion dollars!

Before Jack could answer Fiona’s question, Selena stepped up and scolded, “Ma, are you thinking about Jack’s remaining cash reward, again? He has already given you twenty million, isn’t that enough? For a head commander, the reward is more or less around two hundred million, and Jack has already spent a lot on us. Right now, he probably only has around ten million left at most. Don’t tell me you want him to take it all out?”

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