No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0550

Xena never thought that Jack would notice this small, careless action.

Shock jolted up her spine. She managed a stiff smile. “It’s just a spam call. It’s nothing. Those housing agents are seriously so annoying. They keep calling me to ask if I’m going to buy a house!”

“Really? Lend me your phone and I’ll call them to give them a good scolding!” Jack flashed a frosty smile and extended his hand.

Xena’s expression turned even sourer when she heard this. It was Ivan who had called her.

Everything would go to sh*t if Jack and Selena found out what was happening between her and Ivan.

“What’s there to call? It’s just a spam call. Let’s eat!” Xena immediately chuckled and picked up her chopsticks.

“Why won’t you let me check it out if it’s just a spam call? Or are you scared of something? Don’t tell me your lover called you?” Jack pressed on, sensing that something was off.

The corners of Xena’s mouth twitched. Jack was too sharp, too difficult to handle. She never thought that he would be right on the money.

She immediately slapped her chopsticks on the table in a huff. “What are you talking about, Jack? What lover are you talking about? I’m not that kind of person. Besides, this is my phone. I can’t just hand it over to you—what if you looked through my private photos? Even Ben doesn’t get to touch my phone. What right do you have to ‘borrow’ it?”

“What are you saying, Jack? Don’t go overboard!” Ben immediately spoke, his expression cold. “I’m only calling you my brother-in-law to maintain my sister’s dignity, and because you’ve been doing pretty good lately and not causing us any trouble. Did you think you could step on me like that? What right do you have to look at my girlfriend’s phone?”

Fiona’s expression was also somewhat hostile. “Xena is right, Jack. Why would you, an outsider, want to look at her phone? You’re our son-in-law now, yes, but know your place. Are you harboring a grudge against her because she was against you in the beginning?”

Jack immediately smiled. “Why so serious? I’m just joking. Why the tension?” After he said that, he lowered his voice and muttered on purpose, “Ah, I was just kidding. Why so tense about it? Don’t tell me you’re feeling guilty because your lover really called you?”

“You…” Xena was extremely furious. She picked up her chopsticks again. “Who cares about you!”

“That’s right. Let’s eat!” Ben quickly smiled and scooped some dishes, putting them into Xena’s bowl.

At that moment, Xena’s phone rang again. The corners of Xena’s mouth twitched violently. She felt absolutely helpless. Why did Ivan pick this time to call her? It was definitely not the right timing. Besides, she had rejected his call immediately when he called earlier. Could he not tell this was not a good time for them to talk?

“Eh, why’s your phone ringing again? Pick it up!” Jack said with a surprised smile on his face.


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