No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0554

Selena was so anxious that she could die. Subconsciously, her heart was filled with anticipation.

“Mmph!” At last, the two’s lips collided. She unconsciously wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck.

Yet just as they were kissing each other passionately, a soft knock sounded from the door.

Jack was stunned; his expression darkened. “Seriously? Who’s knocking? It’s past ten at night already.”

Selena was also shocked. She sat upright in a flurry, readjusting her nightgown. “Go open the door and take a look. Don’t tell me that it’s Ma? Don’t tell me that she doesn’t want us to…”

Jack was speechless for a moment. He pulled his shirt on and slowly walked over to the door to open it.

He was about to burst into anger, but he did not see anyone when he opened the door. He ducked his head, and a pair of large, baleful eyes were staring at him in anticipation. His anger immediately dissipated.

“Kylie, why aren’t you asleep?” Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry. He never expected that the culprit would be his own daughter.

She peered inward, then she spoke in a pitiful tone, “I want to sleep with Mom. Or else, I can’t fall asleep!”

Selena also never thought that their daughter would be the one knocking. She was just as speechless as Jack was. It had not been easy for them to have this moment, and it was just…

She also walked over, crouching down. “Kylie, you’re already four years old now,” she said. “You’ll be five in a few months. You’re a big girl, right? You’ll have to learn how to sleep alone.”

Here, Selena added with a gentle expression. “Besides, your friends will laugh at you if you keep sleeping together with adults. Understand?”

Kylie pouted, as though she were being suppressed. After she thought about it, she spoke in a miserable tone, “Mom, just one more night please. I’ll sleep alone tomorrow, all right?”

“O–okay. You’ll sleep alone tomorrow, and I’ll go over to tell you bedtime stories. Okay?” Selena promised as she looked at her daughter.

“Okay!” Kylie nodded her head happily. Then she looked at Jack, slightly frightened, “Dad, can I sleep with you two?”

He did not know whether to laugh or cry. His daughter’s countenance just straight-up melted his heart. How could he not agree? Anyway, the fire from just now had been put out by her just like that. He did not have any intention to pick it up again. Very soon, the three fell asleep just like that.

The next morning, Xena told Ben that she was going out shopping with a few of her friends after they finished their breakfast. She left the house.

Ben did not think too much about it. She did not usually bring him along when she went shopping, so he was used to it. Who knew that Xena drove to a hotel instead. She went up and entered a room.

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