No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0561

“Doesn’t come?” Zain sneered frostily. “He will definitely come. I told him that if he doesn’t, he has to bid his dear wife and daughter, Adieu. But, I said this just to frighten him. I’m a peculiar person; Jack is the one I want to kill, I don’t even care to harm his family. I will kill him to avenge my master!”

“You, you’re so stupid! Your words will scare him away and he might take his family and flee! They’ll leave this f*cking city without us knowing! And it’ll fiendishly toilsome for you to dig him out!”

Quil felt a flash of irritation that he aggressively paced back and forth. “Didn’t I tell you before, to find an opportunity to slit his throat? You are a marshal for god sake! If you assassinate him, he will be dead already, and wouldn’t this be the best scenario? If you could just kill him without him knowing it, that would be great!”

Zain, out of everyone’s expectation, flashed a disdained smile, and jeered, “Young Master Xenos, that is your suggestion and I’m not obliged to take it, right? I’m a marshal, if I want a head commander’s life, do I have to do it in secret? This is not what a gentleman is supposed to do! Any fight between men should be done upright and reputable! I prefer it this way.”

“I…” Quil was at loss for words and his face darkened. “But you shouldn’t let him know one day before the fight! Don’t you think you’re giving him a chance to flee the city?”

“don’t you worry about that. I can sense that Jack is not that kind of person. He should be quite strong and powerful. That’s why when I challenged him to a fight, he didn’t show any hint of fear or nervousness at all!”

Zain chuckled and continued, “Besides, he loves his family dearly, so naturally he doesn’t want his family to live a hide-and-seek life and constantly in fear, right? Moreover, don’t ever look down on a marshal’s capability. Even if Jack takes his family and flees, they have nowhere to hide. And is it really good for them to live a fearful life forever?”

Zain paused for a moment, then only spilled his words confidently, “Therefore, I believe, he will come to the battle tomorrow!”

Quin breathed a sigh of relief in his heart upon hearing Zain’s assertive statements. “Alright then, if this is what you said. I hope he attends the challenge tomorrow, otherwise, you have to chase after him around the world and dig him out no matter what!”

Quil soon left the scene. After a moment of pondering, he sent several bodyguards to stand guard near Jack’s villa, fearing that Jack would bring his family and flee the city. As long as Jack’s family did not leave the city, he believed that Jack would definitely not escape too!

Early the next morning, Selena left to work in a car.

After her car left the villa, an Audi sneaked up, tailing her.

Xena and Fiona, on the other hand, happily prepared themselves and went shopping right after Selena left for work.

However, they did not expect that they would be surrounded by Quil’s bodyguards when they stepped out from the main gate of the villa.

“What are you doing?” Xena was so frightened when she noticed the evil grins and devilish smirks on these bodyguards’ faces.

“Hey, what are you trying to do? Don’t you dare touch us! Let me tell you, my son-in-law is very strong and powerful! And, he—he is a friend of the Goddess of War! Those kings of war and some military bigshots are his buddies too!”

Fiona was even more frightened that she hid behind Xena in fear.

Xena was afraid as well, she then moved and hid behind Fiona,

“What do we want? Well. Our young master is interested in this woman. So we just want to invite her to have fun together!”

One of the bodyguards lampooned coldly.

The heavy boulder inside Fiona’s heart was immediately lifted when she heard the target was Xena instead of her. However, Xena was her future daughter-in-law after all. She paused for some thoughts and then opened her mouth, “Gentlemen, let her go, could you? She is plain-looking and has no outstanding personalities as well! Don’t your young master like pretty women? I’ll pay you money, ten thousand, and you take this money and find some other women for your young master, how about that? Ten thousand can find him several women!”

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