No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0563

“Yeah! Take them off quickly! Otherwise, I will cut your faces!” Another bodyguard flashed out a dagger and sneered.

“We-we’ll take them off. Can you please let us go?”

Fiona’s legs were weakened when she saw the bodyguard took out a dagger. Although she was reluctant and unwilling to give them her inexpensive jewels, her life was way more important than these earthly materials. Besides, she considered herself lucky as the other party did not force her to go to a bank and withdraw all her money.

“Do you think it’s possible? Use your brain! Our young master’s order can’t be defied. He told us clearly that not only do we need to take this woman away, but also your daughter, Selena Taylor. Some of our men are tailing her right now and she will be taken away before arriving at the office.”

Brother Octo chortled, “Our young master has his eyes fixated on these two pretty ladies. He is very fond of their alluring body and stunning face. He ordered us to take them to him and have fun with him!”

“Ma, this is all because of Jack! That b*stard has surely offended some young master again! We’re done for!”

Xena was seething and her body trembled with anger. She was in this situation all because of that b*stard—Jack White!

“They must be Young Master Clark’s men. Why must Jack offend all these young masters? I’ve been telling him to stay low and not to cause us any trouble! Look at his deed right now! We’re so done!”

Fiona handed the jewels to the other party, reluctantly. However, her eyes suddenly lit up as though she had thought of some good ideas. She proposed, “Dear Brother Octo, your Young Master has only given an order to take my daughter and Xena Jackson away, right? He didn’t mention me, right? Look, I’m innocent, I did nothing wrong! I’ve given you all I have, so many jewels and so much money, can’t you let me go?”

“Do you mean we’ll take this woman away and let you go?”

Brother Octo did not see that coming. He was dumbstruck for a second before asking the question.

“Yes! I’m so old. There’s no need for you to take me away too, right?”

Fiona showed a pitiful face.

“Ma, how—how could you leave me?”

Xena was tongue-tied. Was Fiona not being too much for leaving her alone in such a dangerous situation?

“Xena, they came for you! I’m innocent and have nothing to do with it! Even if they take me with you, I have nothing to offer them; I have no value, right?” Fiona immediately countered.

She cast Xena a few intentional blinks when the other party was not paying attention.

Xena was not an idiot. She was able to catch Fiona’s intention quickly—if they let go of Fiona, she would have the chance to go to Jack and ask for help. Otherwise, if they were all taken away, there was no way for Jack to find out about their situation. By the time Jack knew it, it might be too late.

“Fine. You’d better let my mother go. She is not young anymore and her heart couldn’t stand any more scares! You guys might have frightened her to death before arriving at your young master’s place, do you want that?”

Xena gave some thoughts to the situation before saying that to those men.

One of the bodyguards was hesitant; he pulled Brother Octo aside and whispered to him, “Brother Octo, what now? Should we let that woman go? After all, the young master has only ordered us to bring Selena and Xena back to his place. These two chicks are truly some fine gems. Our young master has good taste, doesn’t he?

Nonetheless, Brother Octo shook his head. “No, Jack will go to the battle and he will die, undoubtedly. By that time, our young master would have been done playing with Selena and Xena. And do you think he will leave them alive and let them go to the Goddess of War? He will kill them to shut their mouth! Otherwise, they will seek help from the Goddess of War and take revenge, by then we’re doomed!”

He paused for a moment, turned his head toward Fiona, and continued, “So, Jack’s mother-in-law must be taken away too! As long as our young master is no fool, he will not let this old hag live as well. It would be real trouble for him if he let her live. A dead man will never spill any secrets, right? She has bad luck, to be walking together with Xena, not our fault.”

The bodyguard nodded to agree after listening to Brother Octo’s analysis. “Brother Octo, you’re such a thoughtful man! Take them away!”

The two walked back to the crowd after finishing their discussion.

Brother Octo waved his arm and commanded, “Take the both of them away! Fiona, blame it on yourself. Nobody asked you to walk with Xena!”

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