No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0567

“Little brat, you don’t deserve to know who our young master is!”

One of the men stepped forward and snarled, “If you have a brain, you’d do well to scram this instant! Otherwise, don’t blame my fists for taking your life!”

“Your fists? I’m afraid that you won’t be seeing them after this. She already said that I’m a marshal. How dare you act all cocky and almighty before me? Did Fish Leong¹ sing you her song ‘Courage’?” came the scathing comment of Dennis. “If you tell me your young master’s name right now, I might think of sparing your life. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what’s about to happen.”

“Oh, wow! You’re some tough guy, aren’t you? Let me try how hard your fists are then!”

The guy clenched his fist, prepared to swing his arm.

“Brothers, let’s beat this guy together and cripple him! Let him be nosy!”

“Yeah! Don’t waste time, let’s do it together. Our young master is still waiting for this woman!”

In a split second, all eight men charged toward Dennis with their arms lifted high.

The eight of them dropped like flies to the ground. They were like carrots on the chopping board while Marshal Dennis was the chef, and chopped them mercilessly he did. Five of them were dead while two laid on the ground as they struggled to breathe, unable to move a muscle.

Only one was left alive; Dennis intentionally spared his life. Though injured, the man still managed to get up and stand not far away from Dennis.

“I’ll only ask you one question: Who’s your young master? Who instigated you to kidnap Miss Selena? I’ll spare your life if you tell me everything!”

Ruthless in the fight, Dennis spoke to the spared man with utter indifference as he walked toward him. As he closed in, he eliminated both men that laid on the ground still gasping for air.

“Hmph! Not a chance! We’re faithful and loyal to our young master!”

The last standing bodyguard paused for a few seconds before he took out a dagger and stabbed himself on his neck. The bodyguard fell to the ground, and his body twitched for a few seconds before he breathed his last.

“He’s got guts!” Dennis commented dryly, his eyes glued onto the body on the ground.

Selena immediately approached Dennis to express her utmost gratitude. “Thank you, Marshal Dennis! If it weren’t for you, I’d be in their hand right now!”

“You’re welcome, Miss Selena. I’m your bodyguard, and I gave Jack my word to protect you. It’s only natural that I fulfil my duty! Jack saved me before, after all.”

A warm smile was etched on Dennis’s face, and he then continued, “Your office isn’t far from here, so I’ll wait until you get to it. Don’t worry about these bodies; I’ll find someone to handle it later, and I’ll have to visit your house after that. It does concern me that others could be in danger as well.”

“Alright.” Selena nodded in agreement before she made her way back into her car and drove away.

In an abandoned building on Horizon Street, Quil Xenos was at ease as he rested. Behind him were almost a hundred bodyguards, standing still.

All these bodyguards in black suits were skilled fighters, and they seemed zealous.

“Marshal Zain, that day you told me that your only aim is to kill Jack, right? You wouldn’t care about other details, am I right?”

Quil smirked devilishly.

“You’re right. I only want Jack’s head, and I don’t give a sh*t about other things!”

Zain’s eyes were ice-cold passive as though he just came out from an ice cave. He stood right there, waiting for Jack’s arrival.


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