No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0569

“Wait… What? It’s not Young Master Mont either?” Xena was taken aback, confused when she saw the man before them. She then recalled Brother Octo saying that even Young Master Wilson was a mere underling to his young master. In other words, his young master must have had more power than the Wilson family; it meant that this person had to be from a first-class family! Still, the man standing before them was a total stranger!

“You sure you brought your brain with you? I’m a young master from a prominent aristocratic family in Sky City!” Quil howled in laughter before he turned to Brother Octo. “Octito, why did you bring this wrinkly babushka here too?”

Not waiting for Brother Octo to start speaking, Fiona quickly intervened, “Young Master, they got the wrong person. I’m not the one you’re looking for. Could you please let me go?”

Brother Octo waited for a moment before he went before his master and explained, “Young Master, this woman is Jack’s mother-in-law. These two happened to be together when we went to kidnap Xena. It’s only logical we take them both, right? After all, what if she goes to the Goddess of War and looks for help?”

Quil nodded, pleased with the explanation. “Good job, Octito! Since you’ve taken her here, we’ll kill them all together later!”

Smiling, the bodyguard who had perverted thoughts about Fiona ran to Quil and asked, “Young Master, this woman isn’t that bad. She’s well-maintained and in good shape. Can we have this old grandma while you’re having your way with both Selena and Xena later? We’ll likely get excited, too!”

“Of course! Tsk, tsk, tsk. I didn’t expect you to be fond of this type of woman!” Quil howled in laughter and turned to Fiona, who was shaking in terror. “Jack’s wife is the Beauty Queen of Eastfield, so it’s only natural his mother-in-law is good-looking as well,” he sleazily commented. “If this old woman is ten years younger, I might want to taste her too!”

“Young Master, do you mean that you’re okay with it?” The bodyguard’s mood was boosted at the young master’s response. It looked like his wish would be granted.

“Of course!” Quil chuckled wholeheartedly. “Hold your horses. We’ll wait until this old woman’s daughter is here, and then we can start.”

“Good idea!” The bodyguard grinned as though a perverted spirit possessed his body. He walked towards Fiona and caressed her cheek, clicking his tongue as he did so. “Not bad! It feels so tender!”

Fiona clenched her teeth angrily and spat on the man’s face. “*sshole!”

“F*cking b*tch! Do you have a death wish?” Rage flowed through the bodyguard like hot lava. He grabbed her hair and pulled her toward him with an iron grip.

“Aah!” Fiona cried out in pain, and the man finally loosened his grip.

“You’d better stay put and keep your mouth shut! Hmph! Otherwise, I don’t mind ripping off your clothes and start doing you right now!” threatened the man.

Brother Octo then frowned. “This is strange. Why isn’t Selena here yet?” he spoke. “Our men followed her right after she left the villa!”

Quil looked at his watch as he spoke, “They should be here soon!” He thought that Jack should be arriving soon as well. “Later when Jack arrives, we’ll play his woman and his mother-in-law in front of him. He’d boil with so much anger, he’d vomit blood!”

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