No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0570

At this moment, Jack had arrived at an area not far from the ruined building. He took out a cigarette and smoked it before walking toward the building.

“He’s here!” Zain, who stood near the edge of the third floor, watched as Jack approached. He chortled frostily, “Jack didn’t disappoint me at all. He’s a trustworthy person!”

Once Fiona knew Jack was here, she—held between two bulky men—immediately shouted, “Jack, help! You good-for-nothing b*stard, how could you offend the people from Sky City? Why are you so slow? Hurry up and save us! We’re in this state because of you!”

“Jack, it’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here!”

Xena’s eyes reddened. It would be the worst thing on the earth for her to die here today.

Truthfully, Xena might still be able to stomach reality if these men just wanted to violate her instead of killing her. She supposed she could blame it on her bad luck. However, the other party wanted to silence her for good! This amplified the fear in her heart 10 times more!

Jack’s forehead creased when he heard Fiona’s voice, and his face darkened within a second. He lifted up his head and eyed the man on the third floor with the coldest glare. He flickered the cigarette butt from his hand and began to run.

Jack was akin to a lightning bolt—incredibly fast. Faster than anyone could blink, he arrived at the entrance. Stomping just once, he leaped to the height of three floors and landed just beside Zain.

“What an incredible jump!”

Zain’s eyebrows furrowed when he saw Jack landing on the third floor with just a stomp of his foot. He knew right away that Jack was no ordinary man.

The heavy boulder inside Jack’s heart was lifted, and he sighed in relief when he saw both Fiona and Xena were unharmed.

Nonetheless, his mind still ran rampant with rage. With hate and anger in his eyes, he glared at Zain. “You said it yourself yesterday that as long as I attended the challenge, you wouldn’t do anything to my family! I didn’t expect you to go back on your own word, being so untrustworthy!”

Zain forced a wan smile and said, “I’m looking for you to avenge my master. I’m a man of his word.”

He paused for a moment, turned his head toward Quil and his men, and then continued, “While I did make such a promise that I won’t harm your family, I also won’t intervene Young Master Xenos’s plans on your family. That’s on him, his decision.”

“Wait, he jumped to get here?” Quil gulped when he thought of Jack’s ability to reach the third floor so fast. “How high is the third floor?” he asked his men. “How many of you can jump up here from the ground?”

The men’s glum faces and silence answered Quil’s question for him.

One of the bodyguards, with a solemn expression, stepped forward and spoke, “If it’s only two stories high, I can definitely do the same!”

Quil’s face sank at his words. The one who spoke was one of the best combatants among the bodyguards. Quil did not expect Jack to be so powerful and strong.

Nevertheless, he had a more powerful warrior here—Marshal Zain. With his skills and abilities, it would not be hard to send Jack six feet under!

“Jack, hurry up and save us! These men not only kidnaped us both, but they’ve also sent someone after Selena!” Fiona wailed at Jack with tears brimming in her eyes.

“Mother, don’t worry. I’m here now. You’ll be fine, and these bastards are as good as dead!”

Jack’s expression remained frosty and dark as he glared at Quil. “Young Master Xenos, I never expected that you were behind this!”

“Bastard, you’ve asked for it! If it wasn’t for you that day, my uncle wouldn’t have died!”

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