No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0572

Zain could barely stand Quil’s behavior. “Take it to a place upstairs if you want to do anything; don’t disturb me. I’ll be here to settle this guy!”

Quil laughed at what Marshal Yorke had to say. “Alright, I’ll leave this guy to you, since he’s just a commander. We’re going upstairs to enjoy ourselves. Surely settling a mere commander is no hard job for you!”

Quil and the others approached the stairs to the fourth floor while picking up Xena and Fiona.

“Let go of me!” Xena screamed as she struggled vehemently.

These f*cking bodyguards were no good people; they kept grabbing at her thighs as they brought her up the stairs.

“Jack, save me! If it wasn’t because of you, we wouldn’t be kidnapped!” Fiona shrieked. “If anything happens to me, my daughter won’t let you off the hook so easily!”

“Go away, you b*stards! Go away!” Fiona was scared witless, her struggle never ceased as she was carried away. Her face turned pale from being terror-struck, and her hair was ruffled due to her struggling.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come soon!” Jack was slightly at ease when only two bodyguards remained at the entrance while the rest went up the stairs.

Zain was a marshall, and if Xena and Fiona saw how effortlessly he could eliminate a marshall, they would be under the suspicion that he was a King of War. It would be tedious to explain that to them. On the contrary, it would be easier to explain things when they saw nothing.

Zain looked at Jack indifferently as he commented, “Young man, you can’t blame this on me. I only want to kill you to avenge my master!”

“Your master is Magnus Sutherland, right? You want to avenge a piece of trash like him?” Jack chuckled, his fists raised as he adjusted his stance. “Since my mother-in-law and Xena are in danger, my only course of action is to finish you off and save them right after.”

“Really? How dare you act all cocky when you know I’m a marshal?” Zain smirked a malicious smirk, and there was a glimmer of pure malice in his eyes. “Young man, do you think that I’m a marshal because I bribed my way there? You’re wrong. I’m already a marshal several years after I enlisted, and I earned that position with my punches. I’m not like those men who became marshals through good luck and relationship with others, or without any plausible skills!”

Zain then ceased his rambling. He took one step forward and the distance of a few meters between him and Jack disappeared just like that. The next second, he was already in front of Jack.

“That’s speedy!” The two bodyguards left guarding the entrance inhaled sharply as they watched the fight unfold. Was this the true strength of a marshal? Such strength was downright terrifying.

Zain balled his fist and dashed toward Jack in one swift movement.

While it seemed as though it was an ordinary punch, the power behind it was a force not to be reckoned with. Moreover, it was very fast. Had any normal men be at the receiving end, they would have fallen in an instant. Zain believed Jack stood no chance against this sort of power.

Yet, Jack made no move to evade. He balled his own fists and threw one punch, his fist collided against Zain’s. It was as though he had anticipated this attack.

‘Oh, so he will stand and fight?’ The thought crossed Zain’s mind the moment Jack threw his punch to fight back, and he was obviously taken aback.

“That’s so fast!” Zain then began to feel fear. Jack should not have been able to intercept his fist with his own.

He threw his punch later than Zain did, yet Jack’s punch zipped through the air and met his much faster.

There was a dull, muffled noise and Zain flew backward. He knocked down a wall two or three meters away as he zipped through the air.

These walls were solidified and very thick, despite looking rather normal. The strength of a normal person would never be able to knock the wall down.

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