No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0574

At this moment, Jack was like a bulldozer. The bodyguards surrounded him one after another, but they dropped like flies.

Everything happened too fast, and men were falling to the ground, dead. Some people almost had their hearts burst into pieces, while others had holes punched to their chest in an utterly gruesome manner.

“That so-called Marshal doesn’t have the fighting power as he so boldly claimed.” Jack strolled in an oddly relaxed manner, a grin on his face as he did. “He must’ve become a marshal because of his relationship with Magnus Sutherland!”

“How’s this possible? This is very bad…!” Some of the bodyguards were so frightened that their legs started trembling. In a short period of time, only 20 to 30 of them were left.

“F*ck… Could that be true?! That f*cking Zain was all conceited and pompous to me all the time, and here I thought he had what it takes. He even bragged that he could kill Jack quickly!” Fear crept onto Quil as he saw his men dying before him. He immediately took out a gun and pointed it at Xena’s head.

“Don’t move, young man. If you come any closer, I’ll kill her!” Quil gritted his teeth and said.

Jack immediately stopped walking. At this point, bodies of dead men were scattered all over the floor behind him.

“Don’t… Don’t come any closer!” Xena waved her hands in fright as the gun was pointed to her head.

She had hoped that she would be rescued, but she had no idea that this Young Master Xenos had a gun with him.

It was then when a thought occurred to her; Jack was far capable and stronger. Back then, the son of the Dragon God clan’s chief had a gun with him too, no? That man wanted to kill Jack, too, but that failed terribly. That in itself was proof of Jack’s daunting prowess. However, the current situation was different. This time, the gun was not pointing to Jack… It was pointed at her!

“F*ck. This guy managed to come up here!” Brother Octo was also frightened. He had already let go of Fiona, and Fiona was so frightened that she hid in a corner. She curled up and shivered, not wanting to see the event that was about to unfold.

The last thing they expected was for Jack to advance again.

“You… Stop right there! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill her?” When Quil saw Jack coming closer once more, his once settled-down heart began thumping in fear again.

“She’s told you before that she’s an outsider to the family, right? She asserted before that she’s not married into the Taylor family yet. She’s not Ben’s wife, so you can kill her if you want to. I’m fine with it!” Jack chuckled and stopped walking when he noticed a small pebble on the floor.

He had no other way to do this as he wanted to kill these people, but he could not use ways that were overly against nature. This embarrassed Jack. He had to control his fighting abilities so Xena would not equate him to the strength of marshals or Kings of War. If he came off too strong, he would not be able to hide his identity anymore.

Xena was so surprised that she immediately yelled at Jack, “Jack, what are you joking about? I’m about to marry Ben, and you don’t want to save me?! Fine, you bastard! I see you have a grudge against me! You’re still holding onto what happened last time, right?!”

Jack merely laughed it off. “No matter what, you’re really an outsider!” He shrugged his shoulders, unfazed and uncaring.

The corners of Quil’s mouth slightly trembled. If that was the case, was the hostage in his arms useless?

When Fiona heard that Jack could not be bothered about Xena’s fate, she immediately shrieked, “Jack, save her! She’s the wife of your brother-in-law! How can you be so selfish?!”

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