No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0577

“What?! Jack, what actually happened?” When he heard what Fiona had to say, Andrew was staggered, thus he began to interrogate Jack.

Xena slowly regained consciousness and was just as unsettled as Fiona when she woke up. Still, she relaxed when she noted the familiar safe surroundings. “Oh my god, that was so scary! Did I faint? Are we back at home now? Where are those people?”

“Don’t worry, those people are dead,” Jack assured them. “When I said that I can save you both, it meant that I was confident to go through that promise!” Jack paused for a moment before he added, “Luckily, that marshal wasn’t very powerful. If not, it would have been difficult!”

“It’s all your fault. When did you offend people from Sky City? The Young Master Xenos said that they were from a big family in Sky City, and that city is really huge!” Fiona got down from the car, face evidently worried still. “What should we do if his family comes here looking for us?”

“Since they asked for a marshal to come fight me, it means that they’re unconfident and incapable. There’s no need to fret over this, everyone!” Jack laughed and continued saying, “How about this. Since we’re not short of money right now, let’s employ a few bodyguards. When Mother wants to go shopping in the future, have a few bodyguards by your side and it’ll be much safer. You won’t get kidnapped as easily again!”

“This sounds good! We should have employed a few bodyguards early on. Employ a few extra ones!” Xena finally came down from the car, pleased with the idea that she could bring bodyguards whenever she would leave the house in the future. She wondered how many anxious eyes she would attract.

“We’ll need a lot of money to employ bodyguards. One would take around ten to twenty thousand a month, and it’d be even more expensive if we employ a dozen bodyguards. Apart from that, we need to employ some workers to clean this place! Right now, we only have Jenny, and she has to send Kylie to school. Her alone wouldn’t be enough as this is such a big house!”

After he went through his thoughts, Fiona then spoke to Jack, “I don’t care, you should pay for this. Didn’t you say that you’re a head commander? You should have enough money still so you should pay the bodyguard’s salary!”

“Oh, don’t worry about this, Mother. I’ll cover all the expenses. You can keep the money that I’ve given to you!” Jack smiled and continued saying, “By the way, I didn’t foresee today’s incident beforehand, so I’m sorry that this has frightened you.”

“Hmph! Was it only a fright that you gave me? Xena and I almost died from fright! I don’t care; something like this shouldn’t happen again. If not, I’ll… I’ll ask Selena to divorce you…!” Fiona was so angry as she crossed her arms at her chest. “If the marshal truly was a competent soldier, Xena and I would’ve died there!”

“Mother, don’t worry. The Xenos family definitely wouldn’t come over to cause trouble again. They were asking for trouble when they pulled this stunt!” Jack nodded, and he silently agreed to a decision he made mentally.

Fiona began to relax, slowly yet surely, before she remembered something. “Oh no, I… I need to go back.” She slapped her thigh in contempt and was ready to leave. “Those people took my bracelets, cash, and watch. F*ck, I need to go get them back!”

Jack felt uneasy about his mother-in-law’s thought process. “Mother, that place must’ve been sealed off right now. Why do you want to go back? There are dead bodies all over that place. I’m afraid that you’ll faint again if you go there!”

Fiona was frightened when she heard this. Jack had a point. Would she not need to search for her money in the midst of those dead bodies? Would that be a bad omen? Would those people turn into ghosts and haunt her?

She gulped when she thought about this. She turned around and had a bitter expression on her face. “I’ve really lost a lot today!”


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