No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0578

After careful deliberation, Jack then suggested, “How about this: I will transfer over a million to the both of you. Take this money to help you get over the shock. How does this sound?” The amount was nothing he would fret over.

As long as Fiona stopped blaming him for today’s incident, everything would be fine.

As for Xena, Jack planned to act as though he had let go of their past incident and treat this woman as his family. This way, she might put down her guard and show her true colors. Today’s incident was his fault, after all.

Jack never bothered about Quil after he had killed Magnus. He thought that side characters like Quil would not dare wreak havoc due to fear after Magnus, the person he looked up to, had died.

Jack never anticipated this to backfire. Quil and the others did not know that it was him who killed Magnus, so they planned to wait for some time until everybody else forgot about Magnus’ rape attempt before attacking him.

He had to credit the other party; they were very smart. They had Magnus’ apprentice seeking vengeance and wanting to kill Jack.

Quil, unfortunately, took the wrong way to go about it. This man had planned to hurt Selena and Xena, and he even went as far as kidnapping Fiona as well. This only infuriated Jack.

Had they only asked Marshal Zain for this task instead of Quil, Jack might have let it slide. He might not need to look into it or investigate who ordered Zain to attack him.

“Sure! Thank you, Brother-in-law! That’s very kind of you… Thank you for today!” Xena almost jumped in excitement when she heard this. This was one million, and it was no meager amount.

Never did she think she would live to see the day when Jack would give her money. It seemed that Jack was at ease with her. After all, she had been discussing her marriage with Ben.

Was Jack just joking the other night at dinner when he wanted to look at her cell-phone? Might she have been too nervous, overthought it, and misunderstood him?

Jack smiled. “Give me your account, and I’ll transfer it to you right away. After all, you were kidnapped today because of me. We’ll be family someday, after all, once you marry Ben. If you ever need my help in the future, just tell me!”

“Brother-in-law, you’re so courteous. I’m sorry about what happened before as I—I’ve misunderstood you. Now that I think about it, you purposely said words that you ‘didn’t care about me’ and that I was an ‘outsider’ when Young Master Xenos pointed the gun at me so that he’d shift the aim to Mother. You found the opportunity to intercept as the gun shifted aim, am I right?” Xena laughed. She pouted her delicate mouth to act affectionately sweet. “Brother-in-law, it seems like you’ve really gone through a lot of trouble!”

“That’s what happened? Still, we’re lucky you’re much faster. Had you been slower, I would’ve been the one shot!” Fiona patted her chest and understood why Jack claimed that it was fine even if Xena was killed. This guy said this to purposely confuse the enemy.

Jack quickly transferred a million to them both. With a smile on his face, he advised, “Mother, it’s best if you guys don’t go out today. Though I think it’s safe, both of you were scared witless just now, so it’s best if you rest well at home. I’ll go to the personal security company and employ some bodyguards. You guys can wait till the bodyguards come this afternoon or tomorrow before going shopping!”

“Of course! You’re my good son-in-law, and Mother listens to whatever you say. Thank you for today. If it wasn’t for you, Mother and Xena would’ve been hurt by those bastards!”

“Sigh! It’s so good to have a soldier as a son-in-law. Nothing’s too dangerous when my son-in-law could rescue me no matter what!” Fiona smiled when she saw the notification text that a million was transferred into her account. The fear of death seemed to have evaporated into thin air. Instead, it was replaced with the joy of earning a fortune.

“Thank you, Brother-in-law. What you said was right. We’ll officially be family in the future, and we should get along!” The overjoyed Xena gave Jack a wide grin the moment she got the money.

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