No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0581

This time, Jack’s strength was too scary. His punch caused the other party to fly a dozen meters away, demolishing the walls of the yard’s entrance.

“Nngh!” The bald man vomited blood as he landed on the ground, his complexion pale.

“Who are you? How dare you cause trouble in our Harrison Private Security Company!” One after another, the people inside the office ran out after hearing all the noise.

“That’s right. Young man, you’re really daring. This is our private security company. Are you on a suicide mission? Coming here to cause trouble?” A few others also said this. Some of the apprentice bodyguards surrounded Jack.

“How is this possible? The bald instructor was hit…” One of the young men saw him standing up. His face darkened. It seemed that this young man was very strong.

The faces of some of the instructors also darkened. They finally looked at the old man.

“Head instructor, this guy wants to barge in and I can’t stop him!” the bald man said as he rubbed his chest and pointed at Jack.

“Grandfather, If I wanted to kill you just now, you wouldn’t have had the chance to stand up right now!” Jack said to everyone as he laughed and turned around. “I’m not here to cause trouble. I’m here to employ some bodyguards. I had no idea that you people would be so arrogant. I’m punishing him because he was ready to kill me when I merely commented on his attitude.”

At this moment, the old man finally spoke with a cold expression on his face, “Young man, do you think that the Harrison Private Security Company can allow you to come and go as you please? Do you think our company can operate for so many years if we were so casual?”

“That’s right, young man. And now you’re trying to run away after hitting one of our people? Are you dreaming?” another man also said coldly.

“Young man, are you afraid when you see so many of us here? Is this why you want to leave? You even said that if you wanted to kill baldy, he would’ve died just now. Bah! Who are you trying to bluff? Did you think I grew up frightened by others?” a brawny guy said with a fierce expression.

“This is only one branch of the Harrison Private Security Company. Young man, you don’t know how big our company is, right?” The bald instructor started laughing coldly. “Now, kneel in front of me. Kowtow and apologize to me. I’ll forgive you if you compensate me with five million dollars. Do you understand me?”

“Tut, tut… I don’t think this is a private security company. Your company seems to be a con-company that bullies guests just because you have many people!” Jack looked at these people and continued speaking, “I’m here to help with your business, but you guys aren’t welcoming me, even flashing me with your arrogant faces. I wonder who gave you guys the courage to do so?”

People from the private security company across the street seemed to have heard the noises. Quite a number of them came over. They watched from the entrance, wondering what was happening inside.

“It seems that somebody is here to cause trouble?” a short-haired woman said when she saw a hole on the wall at the entrance.

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