No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0584

“How is this possible? This guy just killed someone and the Harrison Private Security Company not only let him off the hook, they even apologized to him? And proposing to provide him with so many free bodyguards for so many years?” Onlookers could not help but exclaim in surprise. “The Harrison Private Security Company has always been very high and mighty. Today, they’ve become so…”

“didn’t you see what happened? Obviously, the 8-star King of War would protect this head commander. Apart from that, it was the Harrison Private Security company’s mistake. If the 8-star King of War got angry, they wouldn’t have been able to escape his wrath!”

The short-haired bodyguard laughed and said, “Well, they’ve encountered some resistance this time, and this young man has just won a big prize. If he were to employ twenty bodyguards for a year, he would’ve had to spend five million dollars. The salary for a five-year employment would cost more than twenty million. The Harrison Private Security Company will suffer a big loss. They even just lost a strong instructor!”

As their competitors, they were happy to see the Harrison Private Security Company in such a bad situation.

“Jack, how do you feel about this?” Skyler glanced at Jack, thinking he would agree to such a good offer.

The head instructor also looked at Jack, expectations written all over his face.

However, he did not anticipate that Jack would speak without much care. “It’s fine. I’d just feel insecure if I were to employ bodyguards from this company. Would they even completely obey me? They might become dawdlers by then!” He then stretched his body. “I think it’s better if I search for bodyguards elsewhere! Thank you for your help, King of War Celestino.”

Jack’s attitude toward Skyler was very casual. He seemed to communicate with Skyler like they were close friends, different from other people. Even Skyler felt that this young man was really special. His every move was no different from those of the Supreme Warrior.

Although all the head commanders were extremely respectful when they met him, he did not dislike this casual attitude from Jack. Not only did he like it, he felt comfortable about it. Jack seemed to be a person who was at the same level as he was.

Jack walked out after he finished speaking.

“Thank…thank you, young brother!” The head instructor was also stunned. They took the initiative to provide him with such a good deal just to give the King of War face. They did not think that Jack would look down on their proposal. This was a deal worth millions, and it was rejected just like this. This person had an extraordinarily imposing manner.

Apart from that, this person had a King of War’s attitude. He was not very respectful to King of War Celestino.

Skyler stood there with a frown. He thought about it and followed after Jack.

“Jack, wait for me!” Skyler caught up to Jack and smiled at him. “I don’t know why, but when I look at you, you look extremely similar to the Supreme Warrior I met previously!”

Jack was speechless. He looked toward a small alley on the opposite side of the road and said, “Come with me!”

Skyler followed behind Jack, wondering what was going on.

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