No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0589

“Miss Orchid, why do you want to go?” she asked lightly as she walked over to Orchid’s side.

Orchid stretched her head over and said softly, “Elaine is the King of War’s disciple. If she asked for a position, it must be a good thing. I suspect that we’re going to work as the Goddess of War’s bodyguards. If that’s the case, it’d be more convenient if we were to stay by the Goddess of War’s side. If not, why would they ask for female bodyguards?”

The girl was happy after she heard this. That sounded about right. There was a big possibility that they’d be working for the Goddess of War if they asked for women. Apart from that, would King of War Celestino be so eager to help if it was not for the Goddess of War?

Other people started raising their hands when they saw that there were three people. Soon, all ten positions were taken.

“Alright, everybody else can go back. Thank you all for coming over!” Skyler asked the others to leave first.

After they had all left, he said to these ten girls, “Let’s go to my room and I’ll tell you all about the situation!”

Once they had all entered the room, Skyler closed the door behind him.

“Master, can you tell us who we’re working for now? You said it’s a good job!” Elaine immediately said with a smile.

“King of War Celestino, let me guess. Are we working for the Goddess of War? I’ve made this guess for a while now!” The female major named Orchid Yames could not help but start laughing.

“you’re quite good at making guesses!” Skyler laughed and said.

“That’s for sure. did I guess correctly?” Orchid started laughing.

“Yes, the direction is correct, but not quite. Why don’t you continue guessing?” Skyler told them.

“How’s that possible? It’s not the Goddess of War?” Orchid was slightly disappointed. However, she had already agreed to this job. She had no other choice but to follow through.

“If it’s not the Goddess of War, then who would it be? Not many people can get our King of War to help them!” Another woman frowned, unable to understand this.

“I told you guys to go up the path. Go up the path guys. Why can’t you all understand?” Skyler was speechless as his hints were so obvious. He did not expect that Orchid and the others would still struggle to understand.

“It’s not the Goddess of War, but we need to think higher? Could it be…” Orchid frowned and soon smiled bitterly. “Could it be the Supreme Warrior?”

“That’s right!” Skyler smiled indifferently. “The person who’s looking to hire bodyguards is the Supreme Warrior. The one and only strongest person in our Daxia army, the Supreme Warrior!”

The ten girls in front of him took sharp breaths of fright when they heard this. They had no idea that it was the Supreme Warrior who was looking for bodyguards.

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