No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0591

“Anyway, only you need to know what happened today. Please keep it a secret. The Lord Supreme Warrior did not announce his identity earlier because he just wanted to live a life of peace,” said Skyler Celestino

A girl who wanted to sleep with the Lord Supreme Warrior raised her hand immediately and exclaimed, “Don’t worry at all, we hope Lord Supreme Warrior can live a peaceful life, free from worries. We’ll definitely keep it a secret!”

“Don’t get any ideas. Lord Supreme Warrior is married now. Even his children are not young anymore. This is the most important reason for wanting to live a peaceful life!” Skyler sighed lightly and turned to everyone. “He is now the son-in-law of the Taylor family!”

“Jack White!” At that moment, Elaine understood it instantly. She had gone to Old Master Taylor’s birthday to join in on the fun. She went to the party alone and pretended not to know Skyler Celestino.

The truth was that she knew exactly what happened that day.

“Oh my god. It turns out that he really is the Supreme Warrior, and the God of War only said what he had said that day deliberately to help the Supreme Warrior conceal his identity!”

Elaine finally understood this, and she felt her heart well up with deep emotions. She said, “He’s the son-in-law of that family. Not to mention, he’s also really handsome. I never thought he’d actually be the Supreme Warrior!”

“We’re leaving this place in a moment. Just remember, you must all forget everything that happened just now. He’s your master, and you’re the bodyguards of his family!” said Skyler. He urged further, “I promised him to keep this a secret, so all of you must swear to take this to your grave. Additionally, the people you have to protect are his daughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and his family members. The Supreme Warrior essentially does not need your protection. I cannot even begin to imagine his capabilities!”

“Yes, master. Don’t worry. We’ll keep this a secret!” Elaine excitedly remarked, “Oh yes, when will we go over?”

“Of course it would be better to be earlier. Heavens, being a bodyguard for the Supreme Warrior is too exciting. There’s truly no better job than this!”

“Why do you even need to pay wages? I don’t lack money, I don’t even need my wages!” Orchid said passionately, brimming with enthusiasm.

Skyler Celestino heard this and became speechless. “Since you’re all behaving like idiots, we definitely cannot go over right now. Wait until the afternoon. You’ll all need to prepare a change of clothes before departing, amongst other things. As for your salary, I insist that you have it. The market price as of this moment is between one to two thousand a month. Unless you’re extremely capable, a salary of two thousand a month should suffice. Just take it!”

Elaine laughed instantly, “Yeah, Miss Orchid. If you don’t take your salary, it’d be even more suspicious, especially since you’re a Major who’s acting as a bodyguard to a man who, what more, seems to be dependent on his wife? We need to help him keep it a secret and not arouse suspicion!”

“Okay, fine. Then we’ll get home and pack up. Let’s meet at the outer gates at two in the afternoon and leave together. How about that?” said Orchid respectfully.

“Two in the afternoon? Wouldn’t that be a little too late? I can’t wait!” the girl from earlier who wanted to sleep with the Supreme Warrior passionately exclaimed, her eyes still star-studded and hopeful.

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